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Free Crystal Tag at top of screen full of malware

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  • Free Crystal Tag at top of screen full of malware

    Today I clicked on the tag at the top of the screen in Crystal Saga saying Free Crystals and it took me to a site with a bunch of offers. I want to do the 200 crystal weapon upgrade quest so I figure ok I will sign up for a couple things with a email I use for things I know I will get spammed from...

    So, I use 2 antivirus programs, Avast and Trend Micro. I click on one of the offers to watch vidios for free crystals and Ding "Malware Detected"... Go to a different one and Ding... Go to a third and Ding...

    I know I am unlucky and born under the sign of the broken horse shoe but 12 different offers hitting that Ding "Malware Detected" and "Malicious Site Blocked" means that either the company needs to find another source for their revenue or one might assume that they are encouraging the dissemination of virus and other malware to bring in revenue...

    I for one will never give my credit card info to any of these sites which is what they say they need in many of the offers, and I encourage others to be aware of the issue and protect themselves accordingly.

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    I never use any anti virus, at all. USe the program called sandboxie when downloading and installing one of those softwares.


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      hmmmmmm always had that pop-up that says "Malicious Site Blocked" never tried again to do some of that offers


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