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what r the recomended servers for me?

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  • what r the recomended servers for me?

    hello guys i am just wondring what servers would be good for me to play this game i am from israel so i want a server same as my timezone to do quests and things like that can someone help me out i am abit lost

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      There are only 2 timezones for R2games's crystal saga. US Western and Eastern time. There is no time zone for your region.

      You'll either have to just deal with the time difference, or try another version of the game - like Saga of Hero (European version).
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        What time zone are you in, then I'll be able to help a lil more with your question. If your 12 hours ahead of East Coast USA I'd go with one of the new Eastern servers. If the time is closer to that of the West coast then choose one of them. One you get the hours of the events in the game to correspond to your timezone them it'll get easier to know when certain events happen.
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