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General Support for weapon seng!

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  • General Support for weapon seng!

    Hi GM! I'm a player use weapon seng lv80. Game start product Weapon upgrade times 3 for Frag weapon with a PATK and MATK so high better weapon seng Lv80. Have you product weapon Seng lv120 make balance talent with weapon Frag?( and please no use language china in Weapon and stuff Seng lv120 if you product them).

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    Cant understand a single thing your trying to say, just a jumble of words.


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      Please don't comment here if you use weapon Frag with china language.
      i just need GM comment here!


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        I'm sorry, I'm with ragex on this one. Please use your native language and google translator (or just use your native language and I'll translate it) so your question or concern can be understood and addressed.
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          i think he meant to say he is still using slayer weapon and since theres a new release of frag weapon, will there be a new pvp weapon at 120 to be on par with the new frag.


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            Sorry. OK.
            "GM will produce arms Seng LV120 or not? (Please do not use the Chinese language on weapons and seng lv120 tools if you produce them)"


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              Proper translation: Will the GM's make a level 120 pvp set? And if you do make them, please make sure they are in english not chinese.
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