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GM this guy is really agianst cs

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  • GM this guy is really agianst cs

    Gm this guy named capped in S62 is really calling me all badwords for cashing see this
    Click image for larger version

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    there are more Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled2.png
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ID:	1664939


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      srry abiut the small i cant make it bigger


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        Post the entire chatlog, so you can see that those things were said after you randomly attacked me in world chat after a completely reasonable discussion in whispers between us about our tank.

        A nice conversation in whisper, then u flame me saying i said all this weird **** to you, then you get your friends to attack me in world, then you PM me again screaming and shouting about how "your pro because u cash and i dont and i made you angry" - I made you angry for no reason?? I spoke to you about why the tank died in our party, you probably flame me because u think its my fault he went to next level without me (the healer) but i have NO idea why u started attacking me in public and then PM's.

        Dont act pro just because u pay money, its not how it works, and yes, i do believe others know your a bit of an idiot but put up with you because you cash and can help them do things, you screamed and shouted at me in world while i was asking what was wrong and everyone was flaming me, telling me to shut the **** up and whatnot when i was being nice and you were screaming abuse.

        good day.


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          file a ticket please

          include screenshots and stuff in the ticket

          this thread will be closed to avoid flaming. file tickets, please respect chats and forum, set each other to ignore