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Curious about GMUTs

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  • Curious about GMUTs

    Why did R2 banned GMUT on CS? Now we have to put G MUT when buying selling or trading.
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    The word you were looking for is censored, not banned.
    afaik, gmut is censored because of those spamming mall bots.
    Besides, it's fancier to use [Greater Mount Upgrade Token] than gmut.
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      oh yea i meant censored, not banned*. oh cause of bots. i thought its a racist word, heard from rumours. ok thanks!
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        i think its pretty silly to censor a word because a few spammers advertise it. they also advertise every other cash item so why not censor ew puc dc hw etc... the biggest thing to come out of censoring the term gmut is only causing players annoyance, you totally screwed with every single player and the way they speak in game over a couple spammers.... this is bloody stupid. and btw, if accounts can be terminated for using illegaly obtained gold and items why arent the "spammers" accounts terminated after being reported ????? makes me think you guys cant even terminate accounts at all, so why dont i just go buy some mall mmo stuff you guys clearly enjoy having spammers here if you do nothign about them R2... tsk tsk


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          IGNORE best options for the MallMMO spammers
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            Yea. Silly idea to censor gmuts.
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              yeah censor gmuts but not any of the other items that are high in demand. they advertise the sale of dragon crystals too but dc isnt censored... seriously just dumb to do that