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How to unfuse weapon?

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  • How to unfuse weapon?

    So i want to unfuse my weapon soon (had DS in it) but i wanna put Perfect X into it in the next few days and was wondering how i go about removing the current fuse? I tryed to just move the other frag into the spot but says its not able to. Is there a trick to it?

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    All you have to do is open the fuse menu and drag the perfect X as the secondary weapon. It'll override the DS fuse. Make sure you have the required 2 FS.
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      ahh i didnt have the 2fs in my inventory at the time, prolly why it refused to let me put sword in spot


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        Okay its still not working this is the message i get when i try to "fuse over old fusion"

        Click image for larger version

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          Im pretty sure you cant fuse 2 fragarachs together. ( Thought i saw a post a mod made a few weeks ago about a guide on Fusing.) Anyways, thats what i think.


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            I hear its anything past earthen


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              I know u can fuse perfects because all the strongest players have done it. I had it fused with a slayer sword, but just 2 days ago i found a new sword in the new dungeon with 1500patk and fused it with that, that will have to hold me over until i get it fused with a X perfect.