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Zodiac Stars Problem

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  • Zodiac Stars Problem

    Are the Zodiac stars glitched?? Cause everyday after reset I will either get 1~3 stars which are drop rates and exp rates. And one thing, I have never ever gotten anything more than 4 stars since the release of this zodiac system. It is really extremely atrocious bad luck or bugged?
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    it has a very low chance of going higher than 3 stars


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      All upgrades on zodiac is due to luck that is all. 1-3 stars on zodiac is common while 4-7 is uncommon and rare. Its programmed this way to stop players from getting to level 5 zodiac extremely fast.
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        I have 2 toons and my husband has 3 (toons with zociac that is). On our secondary toons, since zodiac came out, they've only gone beyond 3 stars twice (once for my 2nd main, once for his 2nd main). On our first mains, the only time we've ever gone past 3 stars is when we used Reset.

        Although I'm sure it'll be denied, it does seem to us like resetting increases the odds of getting past 3 stars. I think I reset about 10 times and got past 3 stars for 4 of those occasions...Yet without using reset, I can easily go 10 days and never get past it. I think there's something up to favor resetting.
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          Omg thanks for all the responses!

          I see. Reset kinda gives more probability of getting more than 4 stars.
          Too bad I can't charge, no resetting for me ><.
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