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Is there some way to get rid of the bots attacking Zodiac bosses?

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  • Is there some way to get rid of the bots attacking Zodiac bosses?


    So recently there's been a problem. Most of the time when people need to kill zodiac bosses, they're already dead because priest bots pop up and kill them. This is highly annoying since other people need to get their zodiac shards and stones which they cannot since the bots are killing them and forcing the players to wait another 30 minutes in the hopes of beating the bot to killing the bosses.

    Is there some possible way r2 could do something about them? I mean I understand farming for PC and HW for players who are in the level range, but the bots make it unfair and for my server it's interfering with our quests. No one wants to wait thirty minutes for the next boss to spawn and then possibly have it stolen by the bot that has been placed there.

    Thank you.
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    Which server are you seeing this on? Is it all the Zodiac bosses, or just a select few?
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      PK them when they pops up.
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        Or you could leave afk mode on for a bit, and go eat dinner or something. Then when you come back chances are you will have defeated a zodiac boss. That is, if youre stronger than the "bot". But i assume most of these mmo players are no stronger than a level 50 mortal... so it shouldnt be hard.


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          We have the same problem on S13 and it gets more and more annoying. Yes, we filed tickets with screenshots.


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            Chances are, you'll be stronger than the bots and get the kill anyway. They're bots; they suck.
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              Still the waits are annoying.. bots must be stopped.. hopefully..
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