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Awful lag in Lucky guess event..

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  • Awful lag in Lucky guess event..

    Wow! Lucky guess event has been awfully laggy this past few days/week. I think it started last last maintenance. I dunno If it was just me or this is really a problem. It didn't happened to me before, I can't even click a pixel without freezing so I had no choice but to abandon the event. Are you working on this guys? I don't experience this in IOB with my 3 other alts on. It's only in this event.
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    A lot of people in my server have noticed worse lag as well. So have I. People thought it was because of the new beast soul feature but I 'm not so sure. After all, I hide players so the beast is hidden too - but who knows?
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      Could be the beast, cause of their skills it makes them sort of passive/active


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        Maybe guys...but I think we need someone who can enlighten us about this.
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