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  • #16
    Florida, USA Happened to me both times I entered Sengolia.
    Crystal Saga
    Name: (S23)MoJoCutter
    Server: Angel Island
    Class: Knight
    Level: 60 (Scion)
    Guild: Eulogy(GuildMaster)

    Name: MoJoCutter
    Server: Serpent's Den
    Class: Archer
    Level: 49

    Name: MoJoCutter
    Server: Qianfo Hall
    Class: Healer
    Level 104
    Clan: Genies (Leader)
    Battle Rating: 230k


    • #17
      Ontario, Canada.

      Happened once last night, around 11:30pm EST
      Happened in midnoon today when seignor was activated using up one of my training ground entries even though the loading screen didn't allow me INTO Training Grounds (4:00pm)
      And then again 20 min into L2 Seng ; I got DC'ed and tried to go back in; but not allowed - from 7:21pm until the current time: 8:05pm.

      and if it's a browser/cache issue then answer me this:

      Do 2 laptops and a desktop all share the same browser/cache issues ; FF, Chrome, IE and Avant.

      Not a techy, but I'm assuming not.

      So that's 12 browsers that will not work and receive this DNS issue.
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        North Carolina, USA
        Server: Mount Kraken (S33/S36)
        IGN: Damian
        Class: Priest
        Drink of Choice: Bella Bolle's Sweet Red, chilled


        • #19
          Trixy here on many are from US some are not im from UK South east GMT, and ive had this ongoing problem around 5pm (US East) PvE for the past 2 days..


          • #20
            well i'm from the philippines but i cant log in properly either to the game. this is the second time


            • #21
              Happened Yesterday and today


              • #22
                from philippines 2nd day now that i cant log in pls fix this so many events that i miss

                S60 exigent bluff


                • #23
                  Philippines still cant log in


                  • #24
                    Malaysia here.
                    Had this problem for 2 days.
                    missed my ladder with guildies :c
                    Currently active
                    Crystal Saga
                    Level : Currently 100+
                    Plane : Eidolon
                    Guild : (S23)Edan
                    Class : Hybrid Priest


                    • #25
                      eu cent araund 1:00 to 5:00


                      • #26
                        still cant log in. 2 in a row, happens before crypt.
                        Server: (S57)Eternal Sanctum
                        Name: MagicFlakes
                        Class: Priest
                        Level: 44 and leveling
                        Plane: Scion
                        Guild: Brigade

                        "There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind."


                        • #27
                          Indonesia, today is worse than yesterday, can't login for more than 11 hours now. It seems that either it's some ISPs problem, or the hosts problem to certain ISPs.

                          Changing DNS WILL NOT HELP AT ALL this time... only way is if you find a super fast / great working proxy. Can't even get in to the forum by the way, and I'm using proxy right now, still haven't found the one that can get into the game though.


                          • #28
                            Ireland..2nd time happening to me. Still no joy as to this moment.


                            • #29
                              Netherlands here, able to log in whenever I wanted to over the course of the problem, loading new areas and logging only took extremely long (10min p/login, 4-6min p/loading map). Didn't give a "failed to connect to server" once.
                              Crystal Saga:
                              IGN: speeds
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                              Officially the #1 Nature Ranger of Windshear Peaks & six merged servers

                              Wartune (semi-inactive):
                              IGN: Speeds16
                              Server: Temple of Ibalize
                              Lv45 Archer - Guild Luminaire


                              • #30

                                While the screen blanked a couple of times while logging in, I was able to log in several toons during the issues. It took very long though.
                                IGN: Sigrun
                                Server: Windshear Peaks
                                [Eidolon]lvl 120 Hybrid Mage
                                [Eidolon]lvl 120 Hybrid Priest alt: Saeunn
                                Proud owner of an [Eidolon]lvl 120 husband, parallel parked outside

                                Wartune Temple of Ibalize
                                Mage lvl 38