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    better then no events at all. R2 has said they can stop doing events if ppl want to always complain like its never good enough. just look at BR, no maints etc in months. &your complaining about being given THE CHOICE to pick different rewards other then what is normally provided? that is generally called a privilege.
    a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.
    "education is a right, not a privilege"
    if don't want that privilege, don't use it. if asking for more rewards then what would have been allowed. there are respectful ways to do so that's not "omg R2 big lame loser, we always watch them fail - so damn greedy low life ppl too" esp after all those privileges&benefits given- if i was CEO- I'd for sure remove a lot of ppls playing ability's etc if they can't appreciate the game they supposedly enjoy or show support &treat staff correctly.
    if this thread is to last at all, it should be changed to a "we love R2 and will provide our support for the game to see things get better" < if that is not your statement of some sort in a assertive and respectful manner. will start closing &deleting topics, I take Great offense to the travesty's the community is performing here. ~the end


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      And if R2 stopped going events, there company goes bottoms up.


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        The point is that players are rewarded with new/recycled events every week.
        Like Shadow pointed out, there could be no events, there could be events once every 6 months, there could be events once a month, etc. you name it.
        You get a weekly maintenance - one that allows others to somehow manage - casher or not.
        With how often Roses are now in the market, you can sure benefit from it somehow. It'll cost a lot of in-game currency of course, but the end result is what matters.
        Whether you like the events or not, players still end up getting at it.

        Everyone has to understand that a business is out for a profit - not a loss. If they acquire enough profits which far exceeds the expenses, then it's great.
        Some players are satisfied with the current events while there will be others who are not.
        Keep in mind that not everyone will ever be satisfied.

        We try to satisfy everyone - but it doesn't mean we will succeed at it.
        Some stay as loyal members, others come and go. We'll see new faces, we'll see old faces.
        They might enjoy the events, you might not enjoy it.

        On a side note, if we need to continue like this, then the posts will be deleted and the thread will be locked. If you have any issues, then you can bring it up towards a Private Message. Keep in mind that we, the Moderators, strictly enforce the rules - if we need to get ugly, we can and we will. As regular players of the community such as yourself, we are entitled to our own opinions just as you are. We are not obliged to be nice to everyone if they refuse to show that proper respect.
        The King doesn't fall so easily boys