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  • Heraldy

    Can anyone plss teach me how to use heraldy! How to get Heraldic Scrolls?Did it takes some gold to upgrade my heraldy?How to get seal?Please help me cuz i dont understand this!!

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    if your a non-casher, just kill elites and hold onto the runes or sell them to cashers or buy the other items from private market in game.
    if your a casher, easiest way is to buy the best rune in shop and protection runes &mediums+Heraldy scroll then start synthing until you meet all the requirements to make the first seal you want.
    to make the higher seals you need to combine a few of the pristine seals, to make the last seal you need all four skill seals - it'll consume those and give you the last seal.
    so each time make a higher seal, just like with synthing gear, it'll consume the required items.
    the slots aren't set to a specific seal besides a few, but within those area's there are no limits which seal is placed where. so you can unlock your first slot, figure out which pristine one you want to make first, get the [Rune of Evil] and start making better runes, most will require 5 rune of gods to synth a pristine piece- the last rune.
    if you're a non casher, it's going to take a while to get up to the rune of evil stage, then a while from there less have help from a casher friend.


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      are there any guides for heraldy? specific to class? what seals are best or do you have to have 1 of each?
      Name: (S52)Shaz
      Server: (S52)Plethuran Plains
      Plane: Eidolon 149
      Class: Fire mage Hybrid Ice support
      Nobility: Emperor
      Pet: Guardian angel+13 Gen 3, Emperor Demon +13 Gen 3, Firelord +13, Golden teady +13 Gen 2, Ultresourus Rex +13
      Mount: Hellwing
      Guild: (S52)Elysium - Co-Guild Master
      Wings: Ultimate Demon lord +3
      Zodiac: Max
      Beast Soul: tiger
      Soul: 1138


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        My opinion, Seal of Evil is the only one that is worth it.
        As for the beginner runes dropped by mobs I would just throw them away, It will cost more in rune mediums to upgrade it than just buying a higher rune to begin with.
        You can get runes for free from corruption. Rune mediums, heraldry scrolls and protection stones however you will have to cash or buy from someone who does cash


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          Originally posted by tcatlin View Post
          are there any guides for heraldy? specific to class? what seals are best or do you have to have 1 of each?
          Each attribute seal has specific boosts -- if you're going for that, just make a seal according to which boost you'd like. That is unless you plan on making a skill seal (4 total skill seals to choose from) later on, which requires 3 specific attribute seals. If so, make attribute seals according to the seal requirements of the skill seal.

          Attribute Seals:
          Pristine Seal of Storms - PDEF/MDEF +807
          Pristine Seal of Dreams - Strength/Intellect +400
          Pristine Seal of Souls - Attack/Casting Speed +7%
          Pristine Seal of Slaughter - Crit Damage +10%
          Pristine Seal of Evil - Agility/Endurance +400
          Pristine Seal of Light - HP +13,000 & Heal +2,125

          So it's not really specific to any class as each seal can benefit you as a mage, moreso personal preference on how you build your toon.