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  • dont know what say

    some ppl in the game said if u purchase xtal u need to wait for 24 hours. well, its almost 48 hours now since i purchase 2k xtal. i even file 2 tickets now but still nothing. and no gm or mod even answer me. my i ask y? do i deserve this? i like ur game. and u can't blame ppl to be mad especialy when its about xtal. coz the ppl really need it.

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    hi dennis if its your first recharge it takes time to receive your crystals . u just need to file 1 ticket . if u already did give them time even if it 48 hours . r2games never scammed anyone . u paid for stuff u will receive them soon. just wait for a mod to reply on this thread and give him your # and he will help you .

    another thing i heard play span having a maintenance. it might be the reason . but if u already paid and the payment is successful u don't have to worry !

    have a nice day
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      actually its my 4 or 5 times buying xtal.


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        Please provide your ticket number.
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          the first 1 is case#7505. the 2nd is case # 7541


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            sory about that, did not notice that my alt's account is on. first case # 7505 / 7541. and here is my transaction log: ntegrated Merchant : SMART2PAY | UltimatePay 1073129250 | Transaction ID : 2792200
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