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Ticket system no longer works for me

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  • Ticket system no longer works for me

    Its been for a week+ now I send a ticket I get back the number of the ticket 7855 and then I try to view it and it doesn't work so I log in with a different old ticket and view all my tickets and its not there.
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    Try this link.

    You will obviously need to be signed in to view it.
    I have been having issues with their ticket page also.


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      I have been having problems aswell, but not the way as you two.

      Ever since last week so have I been trying to send this one same ticket- but as soon I add in a screenshot it turns into an error message and the whole page goes poff.
      I find it extremely annoying <_<
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        Yeah the ticket system is broken now, i don't know why they changed it, but its broken.

        I just found out today that screenshots you upload to them actually don't get sent, also hitting refresh on that support page i linked.. for some reason re-sends a reply.
        But i did get an email saying they have people working on it.

        I had assumed it would be fixed by now.. unless they have a much bigger problem that we don't know about.