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Tenets Bug or just another poorly implemented money grab by R2

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  • Tenets Bug or just another poorly implemented money grab by R2

    The explanation is not very informative as usual and somewhat confusing.

    On 3 of my characters I have done ladder since maintenance and it gave them no wisdom. So today I used different one and got 15 wisdom. I used the other 3 and guess what they got no wisdom even though i got to level 48 of each one.

    I went into ladder with yet another noob character an he died on level 3 and once revived in town the wisdom showed he had 999999 wisdom and a bunch of random letters on the screen. Once i logged in again it showed 0 wisdom.

    Are you confused yet? I know I am once again thanks to R2.

    Stop implementing things until they are properly tested. I acknowledge that there are going to be some issues but your issues seem to be gigantic super BUGS.

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    Tenets requires level 50+

    I agree that the guides for these are horrible.. the R2CS guides page is something i would never use.. because its just a white page with what seems to be copy pasted info.. not informative or worth reading, it doesn't even look good.

    But Tenets is kind of like Beast Soul, it requires a relog to be viewed properly, especially if you just leveled to 50.

    You do-not see the rewards given to you by the Free Events listed for it.
    You need to reload Tenets or relog for 90% of the wisdom you gain, to be able to view it.


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      Thanks for the bug updates. I'll note them down.
      The King doesn't fall so easily boys