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Skill Tree Question

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  • Skill Tree Question

    Can anyone tell me if the damage stacks when you add more points into the skill tree from normal skill to improved to master?

    For a holy priest light beam/improved light beam/master light beam.

    Is it better to have 1/1/5 or does 5/5/5 give better damage?

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    1: no
    2: 1/1/5

    P.S. go with blood beam/basic attack (light missile), it's faster and deals better dmg over time
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      They do not stack. You will deal more damage by maxing them all out as they are separate skills and you can only use one of them one at a time.

      Now I will also warn you against using light beam. I tested it once, and yes it does hit slightly higher than Blood Beam. The problem is that with the cast time you can use blood beam three times for every two light beams. Because blood beam has not cool down. You basic attack is also a decent attack, with no cast time and no cool down. I would say to stick to your basic attack if you are not a high level. The basic attack might actually hit harder for you until you get stronger.
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        I wouldn't completely rule out light beam , early game blood beam is better yes but later on priest gear leans heavily on cast speed so towards the end , it works out pretty equal personally I prefer killing people in 1 shot so I use light beam