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    i didnt play for a year i was told my char was seen online i go to library to check it out hacked my facebook email and crystal saga i lost everything i cashed for even my wife's alt got banned for hacker trying to sell crystals i always snapshot my char before and after as proof only compensation i got was my sperion back yet i still dont have it anymore dont even try to ask for R2 to give things back or any info of the reason for some things


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      Originally posted by Lenwc View Post
      R2 claims to treat all players equally. i know a person who had all their stuff stolen recently and is notorious for account sharing. the end result? R2 replaced ALL of the stolen items.
      This player, whoever thay are, probably got hacked by someone that they did not know, and that may be why r2 compensated, remember, all cases are different.
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        Originally posted by mtdew1234 View Post
        can u help with mine too? ive been working on it for weeks they still say im not the owner and i have the exact info i always use( in a specific folder) now they say its useless. bout to give up on this game
        You will need to provide the specific information asked for , generally speaking if you don't have payment records it may be very difficult to prove you are the legit owner.


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          your registered email gets the payment/transaction records right? just show it and prove that youre the legit owner


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            yeah ok 3 days since the last response that was irrelevant. 6 days since i was told the thief had 7 daus to retur the items or all acounts related to that ip would be banned. i dont wanna see innocent ppl or anybody else get banned, i just want my damn items returned. *** is wrong with this company.


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              7 days and no response still. seriously?