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    I'm a completely new player here, and i want to start a Rouge, Because, DPS, first time player, it works, but i want to know the basics of leveling , what to do at level 20 , 30 , etc, Thanks, I play on NightMoor Hollow if anyone plays it, And how to build my rouge into a good DPS.

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    For me, I went with Full Strength until I hit Eidolon since my Soul and what not wasn't too developed in order to go Full AGI which is possible at Scion but recommended for Eidolon.
    Up until you can do the usual dailies such as Blessed Bath, Crystal Ladder, A Day In Vidalia and all of those, I recommend doing all the quests you can possibly do that provides experience.
    Get strong enough to solo Revenant's Vault Hard/NM and start progressing from there.
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      Basically you want to do quests as much as possible untill you get your free sands of time at lv50 , after that the quests are not really necessary, as mentioned by VT Crystal Ladder (lv20+),Blessed bath (lv30+) , starglade tours (lv30-lv40),Day in Vidalia (lv40+) , Training Grounds (lv40+), and Crypt (lv45+) are the best ways to get exp. other than that there is always afk mode and killing monsters 3 lvls higher than yourself will yield the best exp. I hope we were able to help a bit.