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Banner ! Gm help !!!

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  • Banner ! Gm help !!!

    Hi last night I got a issue or maybe you didn't know about it what ever... I buy from fate shop.. some rod for socketing the banner,,, I buy 16 rod... to make 2 socket on it... then I make the socket... then I realise I was able to upgrade my banner to outstanding banner (PATK) then I remove my 2 gem from banner then upgrade it when I click on socket tab to put back my 2gem on my banner the socket was disappear and have to buy other rod socket banner so spent other crystals to make again those sockets. Can you please FIX that or tell me why you didn't says it will remove the socket you have... THANKS !!!

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    When you upgrade any gear and it changes color, It will count as being a new piece of gear and lose its sockets. Sorry for the bad news


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      REALLY it just happened to me
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        was warned about when sockets to banner was introduced :x


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          Yea, it even happened to me long time ago :/
          Originally posted by Dr.Q
          Hm... best Tenet level, or home mortgage payment... what to do, what to do...


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            now who upgrades banner or socket them i warn them in wc... so they know it before they open slots in their banner or before they upgrade their banner
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