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loading ladder past lvl3

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  • loading ladder past lvl3

    every time i do ladder up to lvl 3 my screen stops loading for next lvl plus it does it on dungeons as well. tried everything is it a bug thanks.

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    not a bug, but an imperfection that r2 claims is not related to anything on their end... but it is.


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      Originally posted by PrinceKuja View Post
      not a bug, but an imperfection that r2 claims is not related to anything on their end... but it is.
      99% of players do not have this problem , so no it is not on r2's end.
      You can try clearing cookies and cashe , try using a different browser , or most likely used a wired connection instead of wifi.


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        actually.... it happens quite frequently to many players they just dont bother reporting it because the above response is all they ever get. ive never seen it happen on any other platform or any other version. and ive played just about everywhere.
        not saying itsentirely their fault, but im sure theres something they can do to reduce/stop it from happening.


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          I've never had this issue happen to me before, nor have I heard of it from anyone in my server. O.O


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            Some people have issues loading in ladder. I have seen it sometimes. The best thing to do it make sure that you do not go during peak hours, where people have lots of alts logged in. Then make sure that you fully restart your browser before you ladder. Meaning that you fully shut it down by opening your task manager, and closing all processes that are related to your browser. Then reopen it. Make sure that you are only running one character on your browser. Close all other non important processes that might interfere with your browser.

            Then make sure that you are with a reliable party that if you get stuck they will wait for you. That is the most important part. Being with a reliable perm party.

            If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?


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              thanks for your time and feed back many thanks