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I made a mistake by booking the crystals

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  • I made a mistake by booking the crystals

    I clicked on to see if charging options and offered me the order but I would like to withdraw ... how can I do?

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    i only want to see the payment method ... where i can select it?


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      anyone? i can pay with phone if it's possible but i don't have see the selection payment


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        If you don't want to go through with the purchase then leave it. As long as no payment information was entered then the order won't be processed.

        You get to choose which payment you wish to use to purchase Crystals after finalizing your order selection.
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          thanks a lot.. but i have seen only the select page for crystal offer and there isn't payment choice...clicking check out it make the order... (sorry for my english)


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            It only charges you when you select a payment option, fill out the required information, and then confirm the charge. So, feel free to poke around, it's not going to charge you until you tell it to.

            To see the payment options, choose a crystal amount, it will take you to a screen that shows you all the different ways you can pay for that amount of crystals. Use the tabs at the top of the pop up to look at the different options. See image for details

            Click image for larger version

Name:	payment.JPG
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            To cancel, just click the X.
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              thank a lot


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                I want celete wy order history .. But i dont know how to do it ???

                Please help me