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The Iob Issue

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  • The Iob Issue

    Ok I have to say this cos it's getting really stupid and out of hand the level of bullying and exclusion going on on my server particularly regarding Iob needs to stop. Now I'm happy to go along with whatever and just sit quietly and collect packs but I really think it needs to be said that if someone else wants to go in and fight despite what the "majority" (in other words the 5 or so people who think they own the server and so bully everyone else into things..) says then that person has the right to go in and you DO NOT have the right to bully them and be mean to them if they choose to do that. Calling someone stupid cos they choose to go and play in an event where we are supposed to be fighting each other in teams is pretty stupid really isn't it? And I know there is a small group of not so nice people who are gonna see this post and come here and call me a bully (the people who bully me) cos they saw me defend myself against people and jumped into things without knowing anything and started bullying me so they are gonna try to call me a bully/hypocrit etc- to those few don't bother I am not going to bother dealing with your idiocy in this post please go learn some basic human decency cos if you post here it will be ignored and hopefully removed. Back to the real issue, please have a little humanity and basic respect, if someone wants to go in and fight then so what? It's thier right to and you need to stop and chill and realise you can always get more packs tommorrow. (This is the kind of post mods on games run much better than cs would put up........Yes mods that is a bit of a dig and yes I know you will hate me for it but honestly am I wrong? Yeh I know I'm a boat rocker but hey it's the only way to get the leaks in the boat fixed isn't it lol.)
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    I'm assuming that your server has a deal where a particular side is set to win every day, and the other side is agreed not to collect. When you say "bully", do you mean constantly/spawn killed by the winning team or do you mean harassed in the chats (or both)? Because if it's the first, where a player from the side set to lose enters and is constantly nailed, I must say as you say, it's a PVP event, so you can't complain if they constantly chase you down. If it's the latter (harassing in chat), there's not much you can do unless it's getting vulgar, of which you can take screenies of such derogatory attacks, file a ticket, and hope it gets someone in trouble. However, R2 acting on such a case is unlikely. It's a game ruled by the better players, simply enough. Just as you see Sengolia being ended in seconds by OP players and thus ruining everyone else's chances at gaining honor and badges, that's just how the power system works. It's PVP -- the goal being to get stronger than the majority, earning you "room to speak", per say. Not all OP players care about anyone else's opinion and if your IOB is set a particular way by those OP players, I can't say it's going to change. Bullying is no fun, but rebelling against the powers isn't going to go down quietly either.

    Another solution you can attempt if you're on the losing side and want to enter the resource zone: stating that you're entering the resource zone for honor. That being said, not collecting if you're on the losing side or disrupting their collectors when the spawn comes. That also being said, it doesn't protect you from being hunted by the winning side, but it's PVP.


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      I agree completely , Players are free to PvP if they want to especially in PvP events.
      If there is serious harassment going on please file a ticket with some screen shots and I will get someone to handle it.
      However keep in mind this is a community problem there is nothing wrong with the event, just the people who are participating. >


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        I'm talking about serious harrassment in chats, anything from calling them idiot to s.exual and other forms of threats/abuse. Mister Cuddles I have reported people many times and r2 does nothing I even reported one player who threatened to **** me in real life and they did nothing yet when I swore back at that particular person I got a ban. :/
        Obvioualy the stronger players on a game dictate what happens but it's the bullying and threats I'm talking about that need to stop. The people behind the screen are real humans with feelings and all that stuff. I shouldn't even have to remind people of that but seem to have to, it's like half the people on this game don't know other humans exsist. There are kids who play this game who might have cs as a last resort place to get away from thier hard life and they get bullyied here and feel they have nowhere else to go what do you think they are going to do? I have heard of a few people who told me they felt suicidal and the bullying they experianced here makes it worse. And I will refuse to accept any physcopathic statements such as "Well that's thier problem," or "well they should toughen up" cos that's **, some of the people who get abused are just kids and even if they aren't why should people have to become unfeeling, homicidal robots to play a game? I have seen this same issue a lot on another game I play and I'm sick of mods etc doing nothing. One thing I can do is refuse to party with such people, which I will be doing here and on my other games- If I hear one word of abuse I will leave the party I'm in, I invite anyone else who is sick of bullying to do the same. And people who don't want to do the same don't need to spout any nasty comments here, no one said you have to do it.

        Ps, yes my spelling sucks right now ha ha

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          Please PM me your ticket #'s , I will keep poking until something gets done about this.
          You can PM me the screen shots even and I will make sure they get looked at. If it is as bad as you say it is I will do my best to make sure these people do not get away with it.