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  • Fire Lord

    What is the avg. amount of eggs do you need to hatch, and is the chances better if you spam with the eggs, or give an amount of time before using another egg? E.g 2 secs before using another FL egg.

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    Chances of hatching Fire Lord remain the same no matter how you click or how many you click.
    Average amount of eggs used to hatch Fire Lord (From what I have seen) seems to range from about 40 to 120 eggs D:


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      It's normally suggested to stack up to 100 eggs before attempting to hatch one, though it's still not 100% guaranteed you'll get it with that amount. Personally, I stacked to 100 and did not use the spam-clicking method (I probably used a 2-second interval click) and was lucky enough to hatch a Fire Lord on the 14th egg. I gave the remaining 86 to my hubby and they all failed him. ;>_> So stack 100 at the least. XD


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        I managed to get a Fire Lord with a little bit more than 20 eggs, on another toon it took me well over 100.
        I didn't save up any eggs and I spammed them on both toons so it's really all about luck imo.