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    I have tried to do these free crystal offers and I have found that if they are higher than a certain amount, the ad will mysteriously not award the offered amount of crystal. Also if you contact their Supposed "Customer Support" they will demand a screen shot that you cannot get because it doesn't offer a confirmation of the completed requirements. Yet when the requirements are submit your e-mail and you will be rewarded 53 or 48 or 39 or 45 crystal for "Submitting Your E-mail". There is a hidden line in there that says you will be spammed with malicious e-mail and we will lie to you about helping you and we will never give the reward. If you complain to R2 about it they will send you an e-mail to reply to them above this line and if you try to reply to them they will resend the notorious "Reply above this line" e-mail and not do anything about your dilemma, all the while you are still getting spammed by junk mail that is malicious and virus ridden with danger.

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    If you receive nothing from free crystal offers R2 receives nothing.
    They want screen shots so that you can prove this offer is not working or is not legit, then R2 can contact the sponsor or remove the offer.
    Keep in mind these are 3rd party companies, I would recommend only doing the facebook and free video offers.
    Downloading anything without knowing whether or not it is trustworthy is a bad idea, and so is giving out your email.


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      It's stupid..

      I'm still waiting on xtals myself.. It's stupid, Why even have it there? R2 get paid to have it there.. You want something advertised? You have to pay for it.. Simple, All the meanwhile we get sucked into the warp.. And in the end our computers get screwed.. It's all about $$, They don't care wether we get our xtals or not.. I've even done paid ones and still nothing, My suggestion is fix the system or drop it, Simple.