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  • unresolved issues

    i cannot log in to 4 of my most important accounts. seems they are banned but not according to r2games support team. (shouldnt be called support team) 2 of them are high level eidolons and believe me i will be making sure i get A LOT of compensation if i cant access these characters by tomoro morning. those of you who know who i am already know what the consequences for the company are going to be (expensive) if they do not resolve my issues. i have filed a ticket, i was told to be patient while they "investigate". they havent responded in about 5 days. so i missed out on all of last weeks events, and now this week too, for NO REASON. in a less recent response from r2 they clearly stated NONE of my accounts are/will be banned. but here we are. ive filed a new ticket rolling every single issue in to one to avoid confusion. 73519 is the number

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    R2 is aware of the ticket and is investigating the issue.