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still this issue

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  • still this issue

    i know lovelies GMs, i am very annoying posting this again but,, what's happening with CS? my hubby and me have dc every 30 min or 60 min exactly, in the last hour got 6 dc, but only some of my alts others still online, we try using ethernet cable to the modem and it's the same,,, so that means is not my wifi or browser, just check ur game and dont ell us again is ur internet, hope u guys can fix this cuz we can't do events like bath, TT, Ladder, or just do grind for vouchers, tnx for read this... if i am annoying for post again, really GMs this is more annoying not only for me, for too many players having this issue...

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    Might be you need to reset your router , the only time I ever had issues like that was due to a problem with my router.
    If that does not seem to help you may file a ticket here and someone will look into it.


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      Oay thankies for reply,ill try reset my router but is still the same... Hope with the time this will be fixd thanks again...

      (^â—¡^ )