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what up with tis random disconnecting

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  • what up with tis random disconnecting

    so dear r2 staff guys tell me what in the hell going on again, I was in dungeons when my afk hanged.......... after min disconnected this seriously getting on my nerves, I know many other guys was in bath or ladder thats getting not funny again I keep my toon 24/7 online and server cant't hold up till next reset............ >.<
    if this comes up again I ask dungeon key for compensation, because I was in psy just for few seconds end even not started to kill bosses so lost run for nothing
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    You do know that they're only going to blame your internet service or your computer. They will not give you any compensation even if you threaten to huff n puff n blow their house down. I don't share the same problem as you, I only get disconnected when the server goes down.


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      Not sure exactly what the problem is for you, I have no issue staying connected at all.
      If you are using wifi try switching to a wired connection instead. That is the only thing I can think of causing you to disconnect.


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        well part of problem solved, new version of opera hangs flash when pc turn off hdd or ssd to save energy and well....... my rig wired so no trouble at all in there