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Crystal Saga/ other R2 games Let's plays

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  • Crystal Saga/ other R2 games Let's plays

    Hello everyone,

    TEEG here. I hope to start doing some Crystal Saga let's plays but I'm having trouble getting in contact with R2 games in order to get permission.
    Why do I need permission you might ask? I don't want any horrible wrath to befall my itty bitty baby channel, and I think LP's (let's plays) are an awesome way to check out games before diving in to play one, there is also free advertising for R2, etc. I'm also a stickler for having the permission to do these things, to avoid any issues or to be able to resolve any issues that could arise.

    So, I'm going big n' loud here, posting a thread to hopefully catch someone's attention. Or catch Hell, that works too. Lol.

    Essentially, I'm just looking for whom I'd need to contact and how to contact them, the rest is all about obtaining that sweet sweet written consent from a representative of R2 games.

    Or, alternatively, if they bring this up somewhere on the forums or on the site, I would love you forever, platonicly if you'd be so kind as to toss me a link.


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    I think the best way to do that would be to file a support ticket asking for permission to make a video.
    You can drop the ticket # here so that a Mod may forward it for you.
    A GM would know who to ask about that.


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      I attempted this just now and tried to put it under the category " game play questions" and was promptly re-routed to the forums. I have no idea what other category to put it under though, as I assume if it's not properly categorized it'll get ignored. At one point I attempted an E-mail but I was given an odd error that the account didn't exist. lol, curiouser and curiouser.