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Some more Questions...

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  • Some more Questions...

    Hi, I have hundreds and hundreds of Questions, but I don't like spamming/flooding so I'm just going to ask a few every day or so.

    So anyway, I was a Level 28 with no idea how to gain XP and people explained to me about killing mobs and using AFK protection. I am now a Level 29 working on trying to get Level 30 and I'm using my second AFK protection scroll at the moment.

    These are some questions that I have now:

    Question #1 - What are the quickest and best ways of getting AFK protection scrolls and 2x EXP character and pet scrolls without spending real life $ USDs?

    Question #2 - Are there any limitations to using AFK and 2x EXP scrolls? I want to grind all day everyday.

    Question #3 - I am always in Peace mode, before and after I am in AFK protection mode. Can PK-ers attack or harm me while I am in Peace mode?

    Thank you in advance. You will probably see me in the Forums a lot and I'll be asking a lot of Questions. Please be nice to me. I really hate it when people act snarky or condescending or use ill-mannered wording. And thank you to all the great people who have been friendly and helpful so far!

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    1.) Your toon automatically enters AFK after 1 minute of AFK on Peace mode, so there's no protection scrolls. There are numerous ways to obtain exp tokens for both you and your pet, but one of the most notable are from the Daily Bonus, as shown below (the second row of [free] items changes according to how many days you login, with the prizes remaining stagnant at 13 days):
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2014-07-30 at 3.02.48 PM.png
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    You can also purchase exp tokens using coupons - you receive 2 coupons per hour online:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2014-07-30 at 3.09.48 PM.png
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Size:	27.6 KB
ID:	1691986
    You can locate the coupon items via Fate Shop under the Coupons tab.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2014-07-30 at 3.07.58 PM.png
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ID:	1691987
    2.) There are no limitations as long as you have AFK time and tokens to use. Remember that each exp token lasts 1 hour and can be used automatically via AFK feature:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2014-07-30 at 3.11.50 PM.png
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ID:	1691988
    3.) PKers cannot harm you once you've enter AFK Protection (after the 1 minute of AFK), however that is the only source of protection you have running around open areas. Before entering AFK Protection and after leaving it, no matter your mode, others will be able to target you -- this is assuming you are on a PvP server. If you are on a PvE server, no player can touch you outside event areas.
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      There are many ways to get both AFK/Exp cards. You'll be getting them mostly from Day in Vidalia quest (40+). AFK cards can be bought with Coupons from Fate shop, same for 1.5Exp tokens, if you run out of x2 ones. Also you can buy unbound cards from other players.

      The only limit for your grinding is your AFK time reserve, you get 1 hour of bonus AFK time everyday, however, for better EXP gain I would recommend that you do you main and optional quests as well.

      AFK protection exists to prevent PKers from killing you while you're grinding o.o It activates after you are in AFK mode for 1 minute in Peace mode.


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        Where is the Fate Shop? I'm having difficulty finding it in Starglade.

        Also, I have a (Cannot be traded, Cannot be placed in Vault) Pristine Fragarach Mold (Rogue). Should I keep this or throw it away? The stats are worse than my Outstanding Moontouched Dagger. But the reason I didn't delete it is because it looks important. It says that it can be used to synthesize the legendar Celestial Fragarach, whatever that is. So should I keep it in Inventory or toss it onto the ground?

        If I buy an unbound AFK/EXP card from another player, what is the going rate? I don't want to get ripped off.

        Can a player use a Town Portal Scroll while in AFK Mode while being attacked? There are usually more than one monster attacking me at the same time, so when I get done killing one I'm still under attack. I tried to teleport after my AFK Mode expired and I think that it wouldn't let me because several monsters were pursuing me. I was running all over the place trying to find a safe place to teleport.
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          ~You can access the Fate Shop via little shopping cart icon in the upper right corner beside your little map.
          ~Hang onto the mold; it's a necessary component for Fragarach fusing later on when you've progressed a bit more/obtain forge materials.
          ~Market prices vary from server to server depending on its economy, so you'll have to take a look around the shops to see what the standings are.
          ~The Town Portal Scroll will not be successful if your toon is hit during usage. You will need to look for an empty spot where your toon leaves battle or simply dart to the nearest town.


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            Are there any Level 1-30 Monsters that drop the 1.5-2 EXP and AFK cards?


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              Nope, but mobs do drop them in Treasure Trove event (50+).


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                I'm going to bump the same thread rather than create a new one.

                Here are some more Questions:

                What happens if I die? Do I lose experience or items?

                If I have a 1.5x EXP and a 2x EXP card and I use them both at the same time, do both of them get used?

                Chat is confusing. You would think that Local, would only be those people nearest you, but it seems to have chat from both World and Trade (and maybe others). Is there a way to only see chat from the nearest people?

                By the way, thank you everyone who has been nice and helpful so far. I really worship people like you. You rock!

                UPDATE (adding more questions):

                Can someone attack me while I am in town?

                Do items that I sell, sell for the same amount regardless of what City that I am in?

                Does the Aurora Point City have a Vault? If so, is the Vault the same as Starglade's Vault?

                Is there a way to tell my Town Portal Scroll to take me to Starglade instead of Aurora Point City?

                What is the difference between a Town Portal Scroll and an Instant Town Portal Scroll?

                What is a Bear's Maturity and Lifespan? --- It says that my Bear's Lifespan is 34510, but it doesn't say if that is days or hours or how much of that Lifespan the Bear has used up so far. I dont want my Bear growing old and dying on me. It also says that my Bear's Maturity is 6.2 out of 9.0. I have a whip that will randomly select another Maturity level. Should I use it? The higher the number, the better, right?

                Could someone explain the Bear Cub's Skills? The skills are listed as Eternal, Resilience, Rebirth, and Fast Attack. What do each of those mean? Also, it says that the Type is Defensive. What does that mean?

                I am a Rogue. I decided to set my Stats according to what I would want in real life, so I put the MOST emphasis on Intelligence, followed by Agility. I put some focus on Endurance after Agility but they aren't exactly the same levels. Strength is my weakest stat. Is there anything wrong with having Intelligence as my highest Stat? What does Intelligence do exactly? Btw, I have it so that my Bear Cub has mostly Strength and Agility, followed by Intelligence and with Endurance the weakest stat.

                Someone said the following: "Join a guild, farm guild contribution to exchange it for vault expanders, that helps with small inventory you have, also there are various ways to get pack expanders (from lvler pack, dragon hunt coins, buying from other people)." I understand the part about joining a Guild and contributing for vault expanders. I don't understand about the pack expanders though. Are Pack spaces the same as Inventory spaces? My Inventory has 36 OPEN spaces now. I don't think I can get any more than that, can I? Do Pack expanders have any affect on my Vault space at all?

                Right now I only have one Pet and it is a Level 34 Bear Cub. I actually deleted the Level 20 pet that I obtained during a quest. I'm afraid that my Bear Cub will grow old and die and then I won't have a suitable replacement. Since I am a Level 30 now, I am thinking about getting a Level 30 pet as a backup. What are the best ways to get a Level 30 pet? Do I just grab a Level 30 Pet Tamer scroll and go to the Monster Island? Or should I look for some Pet Quest (I have been neglecting to do any of the Main/Optional Quests lately). Also, can I only use the Level 30 Pet Tamer scroll on Clan Warriors and Spectres (I don't know if those are the Level 30 pets or not, I just guessed), or can I use a Level 30 Pet Taming Scroll on another Bear Cub and get new Level 30 Bear Cub?

                Since I'm guessing that I can only use the LEvel 30 Pet Tamer scroll on Clan Warriors and Spectres, can someone explain the Skills and Types for me? What do a Clan Warrior's Valor, Smash Attack, Roar, and Fast Attack Skills do? What does Physical Type mean? What do a Spectre's Sharpness, Speedy, and Fast Attack Skills do? What does the Agile Type mean?

                I have neglected to try adding any gems to my weapons and armor. Should I get busy with that now? I only have a few Chipped Gems (I had deleted them previously to make room before I discovered that I had a Vault). If I were to use Gems, I would use them on Level 4 MoonTouch equipment. Can someone tell me the best approach to using Gems on this equipment? Can I use more than one type of Gem per equipment?

                I really need more Vault space. So far, I only know of one way, which is to join a Guild which I haven't done yet. What level do I need to be to offer Guild contributions for Vault Expanders? Can I join Reverie or MemoryLane's Guild? If so, please tell me how to join (if you even play the game, LOL).
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                  You lose nothing when you die, you just respawn and need to heal up. However, if you die while in Evil mode with a red name, you will drop random unbound items.

                  1.5x, 2x, 3x exp cards do not stack, but the cards do stack with vip bonus, world 2x hour, and guild 2x hour.

                  Local chat is only those in your area of the map you are on and isn't used much. You can click on Local and talk to people in your area if you wish. World chat is visible everywhere so most people just use that. Trade chat is suppose to be where you advertise anything you are buying or selling.

                  You cannot attack or be attacked while in town.

                  All items sell for the same price at an npc regardless of which npc you're selling them to.

                  The Vault locations are Starglade and Tree of Life.

                  Town Portal Scroll goes to the nearest City. You can use the Teleporter in the city to go back to Starglade.

                  Instant Town Portal Scroll has no cooldown to activate, the other one does.

                  Vault Expanders add more slots to your Vault. Pack Expanders add more slots to your backpack. Both are equally important, and you'll need lots of room as you grow.

                  If I recall, you can contribute to a guild right now. You should find a guild with some friendly players who can help you as you go with your questions. You'll want to search ingame for a guild, since everyone here will probably be from different servers than the one you're on.

                  I'm going to let someone else answer the questions about pets and gear.
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                    I somehow came across a Soul Crystal IV and it says "a valuable item used for feeding and upgrading mounts (not yet released). What does the (not yet released) business mean? Is this a rare crystal? What is it's value?


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                      SC IV is used in completion of Rebirth Quest.


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                        I have no idea what that is. I wanted to see what would happen if I disenchanted an item and that SC IV is what I ended up with. Dunno what I should do with it? Keep it? I'm running out of Vault Space.

                        I'm trying to figure out how to get Mount Upgrade tokens now. Hopefully it isn't something that I have to pay $ USDs for. Is there a place in-world to get them? I'm looking for a store that has them, but no luck. I'm in Starglade now.


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                          You usially disenchant epic (purple) equipment to farm SRC (Soul Root Crystal) which is used for fusing Soul Shards.
                          You also get random Soul Crystals, however only SC IV is useful (for the said quest).

                          Ask in World chat for Muts, I have no idea what server you're on, lol, prices may vary.
                          On older servers you usially get them for free from kind people xD


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                            Is asking people for MUTs the only way to get them? People are just ignoring me in chat... I'd rather buy them from an in-world store or farm them from some Monster or something.


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                              You can also farm them in lvl30+ hard/nm dungeons, but have you tried at least Indigo yet?