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    The “not released” statement is at it means, the concept of using Soul Crystal to feed/upgrade mounts has not yet been implemented into the game. Is it rare? A tad, but it’s not extremely valuable. It’s an item used to complete a rebirth quest -- something you do not need to worry about till much later in the game. As for the market value, you will need to check your server for that as prices vary.

    As for the questions my colleague passed on:
    Your pet’s total lifespan decreases a bit per 2-minutes of being summoned. However, even once your pet’s lifespan has hit 0, it will not just vanish. You will essentially have an unusable pet until you add to its lifespan using a Rebirth Ginseng, also something you do not have to worry about at the moment. The higher the pet’s maturity, the more attribute points per level your pet gains. Keep in mind that using said Maturity Whip does not guarantee an increase in the pet’s maturity -- it can also decrease, variant on chance.

    There is a brief description of what each skill does; simply hover your arrow over the skill icon and examine the skill caption. Otherwise, you can view the following thread regarding pet skills: The defensive type pet means that your pet is most useful for defense purposes. For example, defensive pets have higher absorption rates than other types -- this means they take some of the damage being inflicted on you, lowering their own health.

    Seeing as you are a rogue, /do not/ build your intelligence. Intelligence is namely for mages and priests. You can view the following threads for guides on shadow and combat rogues -- these are examples and every user builds their toon a little differently:

    You may join any guild (not our's per say as our in-game identities are not made known to the public). You may be any level to contribute to the guild and will need a total of 100 guild contribution points per one vault expander.

    View the following thread for miscellaneous information for beginners:

    P.S. My suggestion would be to refrain from asking players for free items, MUTs for example. As an avid player myself, the chat tends to ignore (ignore-list) people who ask for hand-outs.
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      I've never been into a Dungeon. I don't even know where any are or how to get into one. If I went, I would only go by myself. I don't want to team up with other players at this time. I saw on the [Guide] Mount - Page 2 that I should try out a Dungeon for MUTs. I'm a Level 30 and I'm standing in Starglade now. How do I get to the nearest Dungeon for my level? According to the [Guide] Mount - Page 2, it has to be Difficulty Hard (not Normal) to get the MUT drops. I'm ready to try it out now. I seriously doubt it's worth the pain of upgrading from a Turtle to a Mystical Scorpion, but it's an experience and oh it seems to give some sort of Wing Upgrade for completing the Quest.

      Yeah I used the Whip to free up some Vault space and it lowered my Pet's Maturity from 6.2 to 5.9. LOL.

      Oh ****. Is there a way to reset my Stats? My Intelligence is really high and everything else is really low. I want to move some points around.
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        Indigo Blight is the first Dungeon. You'll find that in Himeng Valley. It will get you use to how dungeons work. A guide for that is here:

        Revenant's Vault is the first dungeon with difficulties. You have to clear Normal mode in order to do Hard. A guide for RV is here:

        You're not going to be able to clear RV on your own at lvl 30. You're going to want to venture out into the world and explore a bit, level up, figure out how best to use your skills, take part in the daily events and get use to the gameplay. This game does have a small learning curve, and most of it is something you will need to play around with to find what works for you.

        Upgrading mounts and wings is an important part of the game, but you have your entire Crystal Saga life to do it. Just keep pushing along, things do get easier when you're bigger.

        Don't worry too much about where you assigned your stat points. Just start adding them to where you should be putting them from this point on. You'll get a Sand of Time from a quest around lvl 50ish and you can use that to reset your stats with, or you can wait until your first rebirth at lvl 80. You're not going to miss the handful of points you put in the wrong spot.
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          The Shadow and Combat Rogue guides are okay, but some people were disagreeing on which was more important - Agility or Strength. Is there a guide that talks about Strength, Agility, Intellect, Endurance, PATK, MATK, PDEF, MDEF, Dodge, Crit, Charm, Prestige, Hit, Heal, Atk Spd, Cast Spd, Move Spd, HP Regen, MP REgen, Crit Dmg, Crit Def, Luck, Luck Def, AP, and AP Def?

          Also what is PVE? I know what P2P is but not PVE. Is it Player vs Everyone? What are the differences between P2P and PVE?


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            All of those terms are pretty self-explanatory, however you can hover your cursor over each of them in your Character interface and it will provide a description of the concept. As for charm, they are points you gain via using Roses or by selling buffs (this you will not have at your level/without cashing to some degree). Charm can be exchanged to crystals (for Fate Shop items) or Prestige in the rate of 10 charm per 1 crystal or prestige point:
            Click image for larger version

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            Obtaining high prestige will grant you stat boosts once you've acquired 99 prestige points> 999 > 9,999 points (not something you should concern yourself with) considering you're new.

            PvE means player versus environment, usually pertaining to server. If you are on a PvE server, your only enemy when out and about are the mobs rather than a PvP server where your enemies also include other players.
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              PvP is Player vs Player, PvE is Player vs Environment. But be careful even in PvE servers there are some areas that PvP is possible. Also if you are on an older server, or one that is not super new, then keep your eyes open. I know that in some older servers (like my own for example) high level players give away stacks and stacks of Mount Upgrade Tokens, and Heroic Wings daily. So just keep your eyes peeled. Also, joining a guild will help you out. First it will give you other players that you can be friends with Yay for friends. But it will also give you help. You are going to need people when you start doing things like the crystal ladder, and when you need help farming items. Also there are passive skills available ONLY through the guild interface that will make you stronger.

              If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?