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Guild resources bugged?

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  • Guild resources bugged?

    I can't get guild resources to work for me. It no longer even shows under the events page under guild. How can I fix this. I thought it was a small glitch but Im the only one that has it seems like. How can I fix this???

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    Screenshot of your character's interface and where the problem occurs please.


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      Click image for larger version

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      It no longer appears in my event box as you see. Each time i got to guild master officer and I go to enter Guild resources battle grounds doesn't even give me the quest even though I see its live for everyone else. I have a guild member that is not having problems with this. My friend also has a glitch with his daily hunt.


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        Well, it appears here. Also, check if you may already have a active Guild Resource quest already.


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          When it is live for everyone I try to go as well but I just keeps saying I need the quest to enter it but how can I get it? I no longer have the option to... Just says enter guild battle grounds, then that I need the quest. Idk what to do. It has been like this for me for 2-3 days now.


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            Ops I forgot about that. Eve so, It doe not change the fact that it will not give me the quest what so ever after the last time i turned it in.


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              You can only get the quest again if
              a) you don't have it already.
              b) haven't completed it before today.
              c) during the hours GR is open. (so from 9-10, 16-17, 20-21, you can't grab the quest outside these hours)
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                Yes I know all that. You get it once per day. Last time I completed it was like approximately 2-3 days ago. Ever since then it has not been letting me receive that quest what so ever... Maybe its a temp bug i have or something. =s OK, well I have nothing else to say other than that. I hope It goes back to normal considering my guild is only a level two this is fast way to level up your guild if all your members contribute. I'm sorry for the bother and the small mix up in where the event was located at. That was My fault.