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Legends of Vidalia [S176] Mashmallow Ruins

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  • Legends of Vidalia [S176] Mashmallow Ruins

    Character Level Ranking 1: Clarise
    Character Level Ranking 2: Hiero
    Character Level Ranking 3: Mephisto
    Character Level Ranking 4: MK
    Character Level Ranking 5: IIIIIIIIIIII
    Character Level Ranking 6: Joyce
    Character Level Ranking 7: kevz
    Character Level Ranking 8: Ashaina
    Character Level Ranking 9: Natsu
    Character Level Ranking 10: Ariana

    Gold Ranking (#1 in Wealth Ranking): Clarise
    Honor Ranking (#1 in Honor ranking): Mephisto
    Congratulations S176 Winners!

    Note: Disbursement of rewards will not immediately follow. This announcement is for documenting purposes only and it can take up to 7 - 14 business days to obtain your rewards.
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    hello, when will the winner of LoV on server 177 be announced?
    because it has been running for more than 2 weeks and there are no winning results


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      Hi! When will the results for S177 be published?