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Players characters vs Heroes and high lvl items

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  • Players characters vs Heroes and high lvl items

    What is the idea of having Heroes the game? probably the heroes to help for the basic classes of the form... so it was only a few months ago, and as it is now ?
    Players Have mythic-heroic gears, best angels, cherubstones 8-10 lvl, fuse gems 7-8 lvl (dodge-block, hp-matk/patk), and all more items... all for only money.
    The point is that now the basic character classes are so strong that they can play even without the help Heros (tawern), after which the new Heros as without them the players are just too strong ?

    Also be assessed following any restrictions on subjects relative to the player's level, so for example, a player with 65 lvl not be able to create gems hp, dodge, block, and gem fuse 7+ lvl, This is just silly, and so the biggest advantage in the game have high-casher players, a stupid assumption is that the player with the 65 lvl (high-casher) winning with player 70+, and it won solo, won without heroes.
    Now the players come to this that they have high lvl gems, dodge-block, and hardly anyone is able to overcome them, what new heroes and angels ? because only angels come in handy, new heroes not very.
    The game should have some sort of balance.

    Let me give you an example.
    I have 71 lvl, mage, 856k BR, MATK 133k, HP 600K and I lose the player in the team-arena 66 lvl... I attacked him only dodge, dodge, dodge... I ask him how damage is only 20-40k, He asks me how damage is 200k+... stupid idea...
    The game should have some sort of balance, should be some limit to players with low lvl they could not have high lvl items because it completely spoils the game.

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    Don't worry, heroes will get much better than main hero late game, Its mostly their skills that are very important. There are still many heroes and features to be released
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      Maybe you're right, only what can a main ability hero, if at high agility primary classes once kill heros ? Agility has an effect on the game, it should be balanced.


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        what edgeLOA mentioned are like hero evolves and hero talents. heroes have a huge advantage which are element damange... easily clocking 100k+ additional dmg in elemental dmg for a good upgrade.

        There is a certain threshold where upgrades are too difficult and the idea is very very endgame scenerio where all max upgrades/gems and stats. a party of 5 is better than 2.


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          Not sure I understand your last reply but yeah main only is only for the extreme dodge. Later game heros are much better and yes agility does play a role. Just right now only real cream of the top can probably feel that. As game progresses into the instant kill stage agility is the most important stat then.
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            You need to add, that for many players (non-casher or little-casher) endgame is very close. If that player has already won all Hero of Midnight Tavern, best Angel it Nyssa, and won equpiment "ruin", that such assumptions which are hard for him will play on, as upgrade all stats for Hero or Angels is getting longer, as the need for more and more soul/blessed/rune stone etc, and at these statistics there is no chance to go high lvl totems, spire, zodiac, assuming that there is no chance to win without spending real cash new Hero, Angels or equipment. For example, I have 71 lvl, 856k BR, my best angel it nyssa, hero midnight tavern, and I can not go Zodiac "Ares" nightmare, or Totems lvl 2-1... and where Zodiac "pisces" purgatory or Totems lvl 5+ ? while I have BR, 5 milions ? just where to get them.