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when will Styx be fixed???

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  • when will Styx be fixed???

    it has been reported many times that Styx does not work in TA..when may we expect this problem to be rectified??

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    If only u search the forums u can find your answer here :
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      thank you


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        "- Fixed the Angel Styx's attack problems in Cross-server Team Tournament."

        How about fixing her in CS TA. At the moment she shows no skill being used and does not attack at all. Really don't care about Team Tournament.


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          The problems with Styx are still persisting in the team arena event. This has been costing me more then a few wins when my hit points are down 30%. The fix you were supposed to have correct did not help in that area. Please resolve this ASAP and compensate the Styx owners.

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            Yeah Styx is still broke in Team Arena. All she does is cast shield. No Angel Skill.Click image for larger version

Name:	Styx fail (800x394).jpg
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ID:	1694064


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              yep, Styx is still broken : /


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                Yup, Ta is still bugged. I have also noticed she will cast Cancer or Sagi on your team and not the other team.
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                  Reported this bug again.
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