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store offers missing buy/recharge options???

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  • store offers missing buy/recharge options???

    i wanted to recharge on your store/offers Playerize/Superrewards page with mobile by fortumo BUT whole top of page missing where option to choose is missing
    so i wanted to know is that some technical issue or is removed and we wont be abble to buy diamonds by those options

    ty hoping for fast response as i cant recharge and missing rewards

    adding SS if is of any help

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    Yeah, so many things MESSED up lately. I tried to recharge this morning for some points in CS but I have the same problem.
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      any news on this when can be fixed or u decide that we phone recharge/buy users not worth your time???
      this is 4th day i cant recharge loosing daily rewards ( lost so far 320 seraphs not be able to recharge and shoud have aditional 240ish diamonds ) and not having diamonds for new Vip wich i need renew in 6-7 days
      i know me personaly dont recharge much but i do daily and all is count towards your company income
      if not fixed soon 1 player less as i wont play without VIP status
      PLZ fix it asap or atleast let us know IF will be fixed or is removed totaly ( hope u understand that not all can use credit cards this is only way possible i can use and support your company by buying diamonds ) or add phone recharge option on your main page for buying without offers so we can continue support u and enjoy this nice game



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        I think this has more to do with Playerrize than it has to do with R2. but i totally understand, I use that means to recharge too since UGC retired so its a big incovenience that its no longer there.
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          same problem dont have vip lose lvl vip dam u.u please resolve this problem fast


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            And still no answer form r2.
            It would help me a lot to have the Fortumo system up again so i could buy some diamonds.
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              no answer from r2 and no answer still from playerize/supereward either
              iam rly sad about it, i didnt recharge lots but i did daily and once a month for vip, still have Vip for a week and if not resolved by then i know atleast 4 players will leave as we loose a lot of daily recharge rewards and have no time to do all things without blitzing

              we still hoping and some answer from r2 or playerize will be nice atleast to know


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                SAD and BAD news arived for all mobile users

                Dear player,

                The payment method on Playrize//Superrewards has no longer being used. We advice you to visit our online store at to do the recharge in further. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

                even thou i WANT support and continue playing its not possible as nowhere is mobile payment option so big minus and for sure several happy customers leaving game in 5 days and no more support for r2 money wise
                mobile option for buy and recharge was only way i can do it and support game i like and now its gone SO

                gl to everyone else
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                  i was missing this method too , but you can find it in your browser history and you can still buy some diamonds .


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                    Click image for larger version

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                      I'm missing the 'Buy' option from Matomy as well. Great way to start the Angel Exclusive event, where we actually have to recharge.


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                        same problem too


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                          What's the differnce between recharging through matomy and through r2?
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                            I enquired in superrewards if they discontinued the fortumo service ..
                            They replied they service is presently dpwn and they are trying to bring it up again ..


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                              No u can try .. but u won't get any diamond ..u will be charged but u will not get any diamonds ..