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Is there a limited numbers of rounds in Zodiac ? GM I need clearance

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  • Is there a limited numbers of rounds in Zodiac ? GM I need clearance

    This is not the first time I am trying to kill the last zodiac and at a certain point I get a fail although I am still alive with enough life to finish the last NPC left. I am not will to check how many rounds I have been through neither can I send a log from the battle the last one failed to load like all the others. Anyway here is the ink of the battle and hope you will see it cause I am not able to.

    My question is :

    Is there a limited amount of turns to kill the last mob in zodiac

    otherwise in this zodiac there is so many dodge on the NPCs side That I doupt I will be able to kill that Boss before I reach a certain level

    anyway I don't see the use to limit rounds when you have a team facing another that has 5 characters that are so high in dodge that you hit them once in 6 to 10 hits (not even 20%) .....

    I hope that you GMs are realizing that not only the stronger and higher we grow the longer we need to fight to win .... I am actually experimenting 15 mins matches in TA and when you tell me to increase my attack I wish you would put yourselves in our pace and see how you would feel to be ignored like that.

    today I did my 10 zodiacs attempts rounds and 3 times the turns stopped wile I was still alive and able to finish the level.

    hope you will be able to give me an answer.
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    there is a turn limit which is believe is 30 turns, and if you dont defeat within those 30 turns, the fight ends and you lose.


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      Thanks are you GM ?

      anyway I see why thing are done like that in this game and I'll wait till I get less dodge from them


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        no, but this has been brought up before in forums and a mod has answered in those ones.