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Halloween Store Question PLEASE :)

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  • Halloween Store Question PLEASE :)

    So the store clearly states:
    Purchase Duration: 10.25 00:00 - 10.31 23:59

    1. The event is still going on 10.31 so we can still earn pumpkins up to this time.
    2. Numerous events in the past have originally said their end date as the end of the "event" but the store and collection continued a day after.

    My question is, will the store be there on 11.1? Because if so I will save pumpkins, and if not try and spend as many as I can on 10.31.

    Thank you,

  • #2
    to be safe, if the store clearly states (as you put in your post) until 10.31 23:59...then i would take it as that is when it is closing.


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      So we can collect another prize from daily or no ? have not done so far this thing ( event and shop end in same day.) so we can not collect a prize from pumpkin spirit on 01.11.2014 ? we already collect the last prize ?


      • #4
        if u dont play on oceanic server go there and check at their reset


        • #5
          So we collect already our last chest from pumpkin spirit ? we can not collect another chest in few h ?


          • #6
            No more Halloween event on 01.11. Whatever you have - spend today.
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              PLEASE EXPAND HALLOWEEN SHOP... WE NEED TO SPEND SOME PUMPKINS.................................................
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                Funny I still got pumpkins as rewards (obviously from Tarot, dont know frm others) but shop closed... Any chance for extend or we just have to swap whatever in bag in hot event?
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                  what tyler says, only way to spend pumpkins atm
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                    Yes I would like it brought back I didn't spend my pumpkins I had kids to take trick or treating and I wasn't able to get online last night so just 1 day would be really great. I don't want to waste my points on **** I didn't want.


                    • #11
                      ah don't think that it will be back .. but in hit events u can exchange ur pumpkins for atleast some things