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Smelting event error...

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  • Smelting event error...

    Good day!

    I had smelt many shard for three (3) Lvl. 6 Superior Gem Chests (item value: 1237 points, total 3711 points).
    They was successfully smelted, but I've got only two (2) Lvl. 6 Superior Gem Chests in my char's bag.

    Why did this happen?

    Server: S217 - Burning Valley
    Character: Enkalon
    Type: Smelting event

  • #2
    they don't work like that .. u need to select 1237 points 3 times and not 1237 X 3 in 1 time .. when u click smelt .. it says item value and total value and a warning that extra points will not be returned ..

    So in short for one smelt ur item value and total point must be same .. else u will face loss ..

    Don't know how u have 2 lvl6 gem chest in inventory .. cause u must get only one for one time smelt


    • #3
      Got two, cause you can get only five in a day, now there is 3/5 items of lvl 6. superior gem chest in this event, so I got two definitely, but this is first time I faced this error, everytime in past it worked for any item to get...

      Well, asking for compensation is silly, so I just ask:
      1. To correct this;
      2. Or cancel the opportunity to smelt several gem chests in one time.


      • #4
        Works fine for me.
        Are you sure you had the required points for 3 and not 2?

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