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Problems with hero crests that were bought at the yearly review

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  • Problems with hero crests that were bought at the yearly review

    My name is Drakanas, and I play on server S223. Recently I purchased the Valkyrie crest, and the Arcane Spirit crest in the yearly review. Is there a reason why I cant recruit the heroes, or do I need the hero souls to go along with the crest? Spent a lot of diamonds for something that doesn't work. Bought angels and mounts, everything works except the hero's. Questions that no one can give me an answer to in the game, Except that its a glitch, because I'm kind of confused

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    To recruit any of the special heroes, you need to have all the topaz or ruby herosouls needed along with the crest. since you already have the crests,you need 1500 topaz herosouls for valkryie and for Arcane spirit you need 750 ruby herosouls.


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      sure you need herosouls. It tells you how much in the recruit tab. VAalkyrie 1500 topaz herosouls, arcane spirit 750 ruby herosouls.


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        Thank you for the info, will spread the news.


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          There is a visual bug on Astral Tavern that doesn't show you that you own the Crest for the heroes you want to get, but if you have the Crest and the hero-souls required to recruit the hero, you can recruit them without any problem.
          It was reported a while ago, but seems it still didn't got fixed.

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