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all my mistake in game

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  • all my mistake in game

    after update I cant play all sucks I cant fight in any thing at all and I still cant now it is for a hole week I can only use little helper to do my stuff .
    Plz plz plz again I say FIX it so I can play again
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    and more

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Arena fight dosent work 29 03 2015.jpg
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ID:	1710288

    all picture is from today 29 03 2015


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      I have the same problem, its very annoying...idk how many people have this issue but apparently its random, i have it for 2 days or so


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        Edit : Are you using the new weapon? ( Zeus/Hecate's sword? )

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          yes I do use Hecates sword but I have the problem for a week now and I have two others character using the same but dont have the same mistake
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            Originally posted by Chilina View Post
            yes I do use Hecates sword but I have the problem for a week now and I have two others character using the same but dont have the same mistake
            it seams to help whitout the weapon on


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              i have this problem over a month S153 name AtlaS. Every time i must do refresh to continue my game. Is very annoying but what i must do? i wait until you fix it but i dont see any progress sorry


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                BrockenArrow S1-Nocturna's Tear lvl 65 now.

                Hi sorry but i have no special stuff, just the classic heroic set and i have over a week just trying to find out how to report it now i did it yesterday but i could only send one picture, but i have all the possible info i could take and ready to share, just didn't want to spam the tickets place there :/

                I can't hold myself from this, it's destroying my whole fun i can't do anything like this :/ I even have to do the inferno with kill and reload way... imagine how terrible that is...

                I was 3 days away form killing the Pisces boss on lvl 63 only 490K BR and now i have 650K BR and lvl 65 and i can't even know what the hell is going on :/

                My char is missing from the party and either me or anyone can't see any fight including my whole party, which doesn't matter what i take off or not if it's required to have my full party it won't open just forced refresh again :/
                I've never used other accounts other than from my old FB and never used other people's accounts or anyone mine. I have an extreme security attention as much as that helps and i never trust anyone including myself, so there's gotta be a hell of a bug in here and it's destroying me and my whole fun time...

                I was an amatour boxer on the best team in the country and now i got off of all the damn lists because i missed all the trainings because of this game, this is how much i love this game, so not gonna give up for sure but still kills me like this, this is like living in a cosmonaut's suit without any connection to the world other than sign language...

                My moto is "In Peace Or In Peaces" how the hell am i gonna prove that? there are so many bugs an still no clue how this place works, i think you need a 24/7 bug report option inside the game so we can update the info live and maybe even filter it with guild leaders for over guild lvl 12 or something where they get to aprove the collected info before sending so you won't get spammed :/

                All i know is that you need tons of help and so do we and either one of us is doing enough for it :/ there's no faults just causes and conseguences that's all we need fixed :/

                Really sorry for the crazy long TXT it's my first time and my rage has been stacking up for years and now this place looks like a chance worth hoping for.
                Last edited by BrockenArrow; 05-14-2015, 12:05 AM. Reason: Forgot to put the name.


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                  One of the problems I spotted in the screen shots is the multiple windows open. It would appear that there are 4 seperate browsers opened at once. My computer is a heavily modified 1000 gig and still it will not handle multiple browsers going in different directions. I would suggest dropping down to 1 or 2 operations to see if that helps. Mozilla is one of the top rated browsers for gaming. Cool Novo is also decent. Make sure your flash has been updated recently as well. Lastly, check your anti-virus settings. These can make for a ton of issues.