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My BR keeps dropping, coming back and dropping again.

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  • #16
    Thanks for update Rubedo, Hope they fix it soon as I'm now loosing 21k br today -__- and agil on heroes is lower than it was yesterday..


    • #17
      BR fluctuation happening to me also. I think it has to do with fairy event. when I go in and out of event and change things around and then back seems to change BR


      • #18
        I doubt it can be due to fairies.. as upgrading them don't affect heroes stats. And it's only the agility that is affected. My main stays the same.


        • #19
          Fairy is bugged i know for shure...after upgrading or evolving fairyes i get some br but in short period after that i loose 21k br and 10k agi on LE. I done all...refresh removing her from party etc...the only thing that worked out is enchanting her boots and after i hit next lvl on boots i get back those stats.


          • #20
            same for me .got 23k today after upgrade fairy ,than after 5 min loose 19k.


            • #21
              same problem, my BR too floating... +- 40k... 2762141... 2722241 ... 2741864... etc.

              Androm3da.s153, ua39

              it is possible that the fault Skill Chest ?... when I do skill recycle (epic/legendary) on Divine Stone, my BR back to normal.
              Last edited by Androm3da; 04-19-2015, 03:15 PM.


              • #22
                Damn, it just happen again.. i just lost another 21k BR.. and it did effect on my Heroes Agility.. when the hell is this gonna be fixed? We are starting to get frustrated over here

                Adssv (S23 Eclipse Tavern)