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Elemental - Hearths dissapeared overnight

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  • Elemental - Hearths dissapeared overnight

    Hello, i have problem with my elemental hearts. On my main character had 6 socketed hearths(yesterday still were there), then when i today have gone to do my elemental chalange i found that the 6 hearts i had on my main character has dissapeared, not in inventory or anywhere else. Had to find new hearths to fill in. Can u please check it out if there some bug or somethin, i woudnt like to have dissapearing of socketed hearts again. Tnx

    DeadwingCZ S263 Desert of Bones

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    You need to file a ticket for missing items for them to check.
    to file a ticket


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      I dont wanna them, i have new ones. What i want is to fix that so it wont happen next time, thats what i want coz i know how ppl deal with stuff here on r2games. Instead of fixing the bug itself they will be sending compensations for our looses. To be honest i dont want to be compensated i want the problem to be fixed/solved.