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  • Amor Bug

    Hi Guys. For me the problem is that no more armor, weapon, greaves, ring, helm works all buffs at each armor no longer works, reviving damage absorbing nothing works. Did you also Problem`?
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    Pandora's mail bug after update

    Pandora's mail does not work properly after update. Restoration does not occur after death and no ultimate dodge. Please fix it.

    and dragonsoul broke - no respawn at all

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      Same here on server 88 Mystforge. after update my pandora mail not work and also dragonsoul for mage hero not work.all team die and no respawn. fixxxxxxx


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        server UC1 is beyond broke now

        Along with all the things broken with server uc1 I had mentioned in yesterdays thread now our fight system does not work at all. There are no respawns just 1 shot kills which leads me to believe its just more than equipment failure and dragonsoul failure. Do you guys just merge servers and think everything is going to be just peachy and not monitor it. With the track record this game has of adding something or changing something and it doesn't work you would figure you would have monitored this and not let it go on for over a week. For the last week all this server has to look forward to is World Boss, Gauntlet, Twilight clash, and Domination. I have Dailies done and hour or so after reset and have no reason to play until World Boss. The bad part is you guys aren't even responding. Please at least acknowledge that there is a problem and you're doing something about it.


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          help pls

          hi mods

          Server : s267 seaofstars

          Ä°gn : ahmetp

          my server pandora mail bug and 1 hour before wb 100kk dmg ( before bug 400-800 kk dmg ) its np wb

          but after 1 hour start alliance demonic war

          and lost 150-200kk gold =15.000-20.000 tycoon point

          tomorrow fix bug ( tomorrow last day tycoonand tomorrow demonic war alliances) unfair

          wait end tycooon pls dont fix

          Click image for larger version

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            Demonic War? Defense increased?


            tonight at 2100 24/3/16 dw, i have noticed a serious deduction on damage and also on gold earnings.
            something changed? i cannnot see any announcement or notice about it..

            i guess im not the only one noticed that!


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              now 20kk gold tycoon point

              min lost 15.000k point

              Click image for larger version

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                demonic war may have increased defense and HP just like world boss.
                to file a ticket


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                  can you provide a battle link so R2 can watch one of your battles?
                  to file a ticket


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                    Can you provide screenshots or battle link showing it isnt working?
                    to file a ticket


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                      no it is just whole equipment bugge ... no heal from weaponds ... ho respawn from any kind of mail ... no revive from dragonsouls ... i dont know anymore how to play like this .... instead making 700-800 M dmg on WB ... now ma


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                        this is an example of no respawns and whatever else doesn't work


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                          example of broken respawn

                          here is an example of a fight from server uc1 and fights not working, no respawns and whatever else is not working



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                            Seems it's a general problem. S281 and S293 have it too. All the special skills don't work. I mean, the team arena was done pretty fast with that but we can't even kill some of the monsters in elemental zone anymore and that's during tycoon!!!!


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                              Can you tell me your server# and IGN along with a battle report?

                              Happy Chinese New Year!