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Rollback issues - 22nd July, 2019

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  • Rollback issues - 22nd July, 2019

    Dear players,

    We are all aware of the issues and problems the rollback performed on 22nd July brought for everyone. So, we are coming with a request here. All players affected in a way or another by the rollback, please post in here following these steps:
    a) your data - IGN/in-game name of your character, server name and number;
    b) items you have lost or what you are missing after rollback;
    c) screenshots as evidence or proof to sustain your claims (where that is possible).

    Please do that in a single post and keep tracking and following it or add other needed details or description/s in the same post. The thread will be checked, followed and monitored actively and you are to be sent the missing items or compensated for your loss accordingly.

    We do thank you for your being patient and understanding and we appreciate your being cooperative about all these.
    REQUIRED INFO: Don't forget to provide your IGN, server name & number and screenshots for the issues & problems experienced. Recharge issues will require your transaction ID. Screenshots provided must be uncropped and timestamped.

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    IGN: Iceclip
    Server: kongregate Server 5

    I understand the rollback was necessary, but I am now missing my HoC rolls that I did around reset. I made 55,000 points, and in the process spending about 15k diamonds and ~85 mystery lotto cards. I gained 3 flashy joker S (all through event swaps) as well as a handful of flashy aces and normal aces. The ideal outcome is to get my points and cards back for HoC, because there are items I was hoping to swap for, but I am wondering if there is any plan for those players who lost a lot of rewards in that event. Attached is a picture showing me at 40,000 points yesterday before at 23:00 server time (in the top left its kinda cut off) as well as the current standings for the event and proof that I spent 15000 diamonds today which Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 11.47.36 PM.png
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Size:	965.5 KB
ID:	1988918Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 11.47.36 PM.png
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Size:	965.5 KB
ID:	1988921Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 11.45.02 PM.png
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Size:	943.1 KB
ID:	1988919Click image for larger version

Name:	proof.png
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Size:	762.0 KB
ID:	1988920Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 11.47.36 PM.png
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Size:	965.5 KB
ID:	1988922 were used to buy HoC draws (can be seen in the game logs)


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      This developer incompetence is skrewing the players, not just for what they lost but for the non working events. cause of this, lost devotion yesterday (from 660 to 535) cause of that, i wasn't able to score properly for tycoon, and today will be the same, also cause Elemental Zone, World Chat, Guild Chat and at least Team Dungeon are NOT working.

      IGN: ???
      Server: s249 Sentinel City - ua72 - uc20

      Edit: seems R2 forums are stil racist against Mandarin, so my IGN is Reaper written in Mandarin.
      "A gamer lives a thousand lives before it dies"


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        3 accounts:
        Server: uc13 / [S69] Foultusk Lair
        Main IGN:
        (see below for impact - at least what I have realised so far)
        Back up accounts also affected:

        Surely the original bug would have been easier to fix than to fix all of the below due to roll back - or expect us to be happy with such a tiny compensation??

        I HAD COMPLETED ALL for the day - collected all events used all resources - spent all diamonds, and bet on champion showdown. 760 devo points.

        An entire day rolled back
        - 330k tyc points lost (was going for 400k pts so lost a gold armament chest as well )
        - all tycoon daily rewards up to 400k pts for the day - see SS - gold arm chest - 80 Mystic Divine stones 1 tycoon certificate etc.
        - all consume regain rewards so that is 100+300+400+800 = 1,600 x elemental Scrolls, refine ore, mounts, soulstones + tycoon points for each.
        - Elemenatl scrolls, magic mount soul and refine ore are included in the x2 pts bonus this tycoon so the loss of the above was huge!
        - all devo lost, had 760
        - all rewards for devotion reached, lost 8000 purgatory souls plus daily loot devotion bonus rewards
        - + 10,000 refine ore (for 300+500=800dia) plus 5000 scrolls bought for 500 dia = 100k tyc points + 6500 dia spend points

        - all bets on champ showdown removed, they all won as went with safe bets - 1000 dia spend so 5k tyc points plus 20% for win so 1200 returned plus was unable to bet on next 3 rounds as a result, so massive loss of points in tycoon - 200 dias from each round in winnings and 5k points in tycoon x 3

        - lost well over 300 angel party starfish L so lost the ability to swap for lord skyscreams amulet - Sacred core
        - please supply as event is now over
        so can not swap
        - event rewards for angel party spins of 100x 50x and 50x plus all the resources I gained by these spins + tycoon points lost
        - All daily collects lost
        - All shells from consuming resources lost - but resources still taken - 4000 blessed, 1,500 seraphs, 600 ore etc.
        - all collected necters from doing dailies - I had over 390 on hand and with your 100 compensation I now only have 450
        - plus all the resources gained from dropping presents
        - 2 x level 9 Angel combo essence - 1 hit and 1 critical - lost about 7mil br so instantly knew these were gone.

        As to the compensation:
        - Sly Bat would be better thank you. Is of about the same caliber as husky.
        - Diamonds did not cover what roll back has cost me in daily 300 dias from tycoon for spend and for winning in champion showdown
        - resources offered
        1) do not equate to wasted resources that I got no points for and could not collect the regain rewards see attachment,
        2) offered comp resources give zero tycoon points so are useless

        Roll back went to some time past 2am South Australian time so I eventually had to go to sleep. woke 10 minutes before refresh - no way to get TA and quiz devo pts back, no time to first realise I needed to collect all event rewards again and then to actually do so.


        All the resources I had consumed were still taken but all my collects had been rolled back so zero rewards and ran out of time to collect so all those saved resources WASTED

        My level 9 angel combos crit and hit that I synthed to use resources have been taken back but the resources and the consume and regain rewards are also taken back - so out 50k resources zero consume reward and no combos - and only synth these during tycs with consume rewards so at least 1 months wait to get again - this is not acceptable

        I have 3 accounts - I wasted an entire day clicking away and earning top 100 spots for all 3 accounts - now they are top 500 if that -

        I am missing work due to illness - was going to go in today and wake to discover the roll back undid EVERYTHING not just back to the promised 9am... the compensation is a slap in the face - I lost 1000% more than what was compensated - at least auto collect all missed events and add back diamonds resources and tyc points.

        During the day and from event rewards I had collected almost 100 necters so with those lost the compensation of 100 necters was really only 20 or 30 more than I had gained!!! - I already had the Mount, other resources not relevant to tyc and way to little in quantity - and I would have won 1000 dia in champ so effectively ZERO COMPENSATION GIVEN
        with spending in Champ bets I would have had 20% win return plus over 15k dia spend points in tyc so 300 diam returned x 4 days in tyc - that is at least 2k diamonds right there and we get offered only 1k dia???
        And can not even place new bets on champ now - as already started - and all the safe bets wasted
        WAS ON MY WAY TO 1MIL TYC POINTS by day 3.... so 2x the "lucky points" rewards - now will be lucky to make 500k. so wasted my 2 x unique equipment certs on this tyc as well as would have got 2 more at end for next tyc - so effectively this stuffed 2 tycs for me not just 1.

        I traded these on resources day one - but assuming I would end top 200 to top 500 by end of tycoon to get 2 more - this will not happened now - please return.

        So this means I also lost a chance to make Lucky points for 1mil pts which I was due to get today or tomorrow that is:
        40,000 Spring of Wisdoms
        40,000 Magic mount souls

        I am assuming I will at least make 500k pts so will get back the stolen 20k souls and magic mounts for that level
        Compensation x 20 would barely even come close to what was lost - and that does not even include time wasted. The resources given in compensation where not even relevant to tycoon points or those lost due to the roll back!!

        Will not be happy with less than what was taken returned as a minimum! 4k diamonds Lord skys / garuda's amulet sacred core, and if trying to compensate then a useful mount instead such as sly bat. not one I have already. oh and my missing lvl9 combo essenses, the 80 mystic divine stones, the tyc certificate I had earned and the gold arma chest

        All event "regain" resources also credited to my account - my lost 400k points in tycoon.... the points for doing 100x and 50x and 50x in angel party as well - all gone... plus won resources from doing said spins

        the list goes on - this roll back during a cs tyc was questionable- who approved such a thing? the timing could not have been worse nor the impact only to those who due to their time zone actually had finished all for the day and where asleep during the roll back so had zero chance to recover the wasted effort!!!

        Surely the roll back could have been restricted to only those who abused the bug and could have waited until after the tycoon event was over!! people will quit over this if not compensated correctly.

        See in screen shots at 22:00 during roll back yesterday I had over 650k points - now at the end of doing ALL my dailies on day 3 - all consume regain etc - I still have only 450k points - I should have been close to 800k!!!

        My server went 502 bad gateway at around 15:00 just after I placed bets on Champ Showdown round 1!!

        I was ranked just over 150 at that point!!

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        S69 Foultusk Lair/ub7/uc13
        IGN ShadowKnyght
        lvl 100 BR 640 Mil


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	image_161297.jpg
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Size:	150.2 KB
ID:	1988951CST points as at 2200hrs 21.07.2019

          Click image for larger version

Name:	image_161298.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	157.5 KB
ID:	1988952 CST points as at 1955hrs 23.07.2019

          IGN: Ackster
          Server Name: Dawn's Regent
          Server No. S120 (UD7)

          When I logged in this morning, it was as though I hadn't even participated in this CS Tycoon. I had zero points and everything I had done and achieved yesterday, no longer exists and now I'm expected to provide screen shots for everything. Well, I'm sorry, if I had know we were expected to take screen shots of every little thing that we do, just on the off chance that something went wrong, I would have quit this game years ago....
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            You are not expected to provide ss for everything but, if you say those tycoon points vanished and you have zero now, maybe you could provide a ss of the present tycoon points so that they can check and then act accordingly to fix it for you. Thank you
            REQUIRED INFO: Don't forget to provide your IGN, server name & number and screenshots for the issues & problems experienced. Recharge issues will require your transaction ID. Screenshots provided must be uncropped and timestamped.


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              Since roll back - Team arena does not work on our server so no chance of getting 750 devotion now today either - that means we can not get the 2,400 purgatory souls - nor the corresponding 4800 tycoon points today either.... Roll back broke more than just yesterdays points it seems. so from almost 720k points yesterday - day 2 - I have maxed my points as far as I can today without using diamonds - NO WAY I AM REWARDING DEVS THIS TYCOON by doing that - and end of day 3 I only just made 50k points and am only now siting at 465k total - WILL NOT Make what I had by end of day 2 by the end of entire tycoon - nice one!
              S69 Foultusk Lair/ub7/uc13
              IGN ShadowKnyght
              lvl 100 BR 640 Mil


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                ud5, TA is still not working.


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                  I recharged and my dias are gone. There was also precious and I am missing dias from nectars I used in tree and from HE rewards for tycoon. Over 5k dias gone. I am missing nectars from recharge and from hot events collecting. I am missing tycoon rewards for getting 500k that day so all armaments and such. I am missing all the consume regain for that day cause I didn't do it until close to reset. While I am typing I am also missing rewards from a tycoon months back. I sent a ticket and they said they were looking in to it then just ignored me. From what I can see there are still some players who got to keep their heroes because they got them before WB. Not asking for another roll back but there has to be a big compensation because they were able to take advantage of the bug and keep their stuff.

                  I am also missing a lot of tycoon points. I had almost DOUBLE the tycoon pts I have now. The SS posted are from what I have now compared to what I did have. All the rewards I got from HE are also missing on both accounts. I cannot log in to the forums on Kaledon for some reason to post. For some this comp may have been ok, but for those who lost dias and lots of tycoon points this doesn't begin to make up for any of it. On Luxx I am also missing 100 gold/rare/normal shells and the points that went for collecting them that day because I did most of the stuff on that account close to reset as you can see by the tycoon point spread.

                  At this point the best comp they could offer would to be just let everyone pick one hero from exchange because they royally screwed up. Not like they would do it and I am not sure I will get any of my stuff back either and if I do it won't be in time for tycoon. I sent a ticket yesterday too, but we both know it is all automated responses. My last 3 tickets were ignored by them with no resolution. The one before those 3 I had a DW issue where it bugged out and I lost tycoon pts during SS because of it which would have netted me top 3 instead of 4th and I was told that I could not max in was the most asinine response I had seen yet cause I have maxed in DW ever since they put the cap on it.

                  I don't expect much but I would at least like my stuff back.

                  Edit: There are some servers that never got rolled back at all. How is this fair to anyone. Lots of people lost tycoon points and resources and the servers that didn't get rolled back lost nothing. My server TA is broke, the first day after the roll back I couldn't do loops, Arena, or TA. No 750 resource prizes besides all the other things mentioned above in the post. Many of us probably won't see any of our resources back until after tycoon at this rate. I have already missed the rest of Lucky Tree to use the nectars that were lost and am short all the dias from recharge and precious plus what I had won in Lucky tree before the roll back.

                  Server: S178 Fallen Academy
                  Platform: R2 Games
                  IGN: Kaledon

                  Server: S178 Fallen Academy
                  Platform: R2 Games
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-07-23 (2).png
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Size:	594.4 KB
ID:	1988963
                    uc20 - Tolono Springs, TA also still not working. I am also having loading problems with Team Dungeon and the Elemental Zone.


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                      PoizonIvy, Sentienl City S249/uc20
                      We never got a roll back, but that looks like it was a good thing. I didn't loose anything much because I wasn't really going to participate in this tycoon and that too looks like a good thing. But I'm sure other people have since we couldn't get max dev points for yesterday and today as well. TD, TA, Elemental Zone, Guild chat and World chat don't work, and WOW!!! is all I can say.


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                        Tycoon points are really down, lost devotion points and team dungeon, Team Arena, Elemental Zone and all chats, world, guild and Personal Mail are all not working.


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                          ser:uc24 / MideshdeTown s95

                          subject: recharge from Precious Pro has still not been returned

                          Hi I did a recharge during Precious Pro, saw the banner message that the rollback recharge issues were being done asap. Just wanted to let you know my recharge still has not been returned and ask for assistance if needed to assure the issue is resolved. Thank you for any help I am enclosing a screen of the transaction.


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                            Server Name:Briarwall
                            Server Number:S211

                            I have sent a ticket and thought that it would get some action but so far nothing has been resolved. I purchased my second 10,000 diamonds during the roll back and lost all of them. I also lost the 25,000 precious pro diamonds and also the 10,000 spirit essence, 5,000 beast crystal, 5,000 flaring heart and 900 tree nectar that I believe were part of the precious pro deal. The card discounts I got during this period were lost. The spending bonus for cards was lost. My top recharge bonus in Tycoon Daily Rewards was lost. Spending Bonus was lost. My tree was at level 8 and I had collected the mounts offered. After rollback tree level was back to level one. All my rewards from tree, diamonds and resources gone. Cant get to level 8 now cause 900 nectar received from precious pro is gone. Next day could not do loops so lost resources plus stamina. Could not play Arena so could not get to 750 devotion so lost resources in Devotion Rewards. There could be more but I don't remember. Perhaps you have a way of viewing my play during the roll back time period to check all of this. I am expecting that you will contact me and give me reimbursement by tomorrow. Please inform me of what that reimbursement will be. I know that some players have already received reimbursement. If I can think of anything else I will add to this post.


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                              Hello Sidhe, This was a very good "mess up" on the part of LoA.
                              I have lost diamonds, tycoon points were not credited and the attempt at compensation was a huge fail.
                              Today I find that Lucky Tree changed my Lucky Tree level from almost 8 back to "zero". I lost all the "purchase points" used to reach that level!! That means that all the recharges I bought were made null without full compensation of value.
                              I attach a couple of Lucky tree screen shots but they do not tell the whole story. Please review them and provide what will be done by LoA developers.
                              If you think a ticket will help with this mess, I am willing to consider ticket submission.
                              Kind Regards,
                              "Nama" S33, Metatrons Edict

                              Addendum: Submitting a ticket will likely not do any timely good in terms of recent game play. Additionally, my expenditures were, in effect, stolen without adequate compensation.
                              The trend of customers paying for items in LoA and not getting what was paid for is a very well documented by hundreds of player that play LoA.......that documentation does not bode well for LoA.