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Cross-server War Bugs

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  • Still bugged on - [S101] Lair o' Flames

    League of Angels

    IGN: LadyShaya
    Class: Sorcerer
    Level: 80
    Guild: Noobs
    Server: [S101] Lair o' Flames


    • Server NO. :116 Imp Parliament
      IGN: Tricks
      Short Description: Bug in Cross-server,we can`t join!3 days same issue.
      Screenshot:Click image for larger version

Name:	cs bug.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	911.2 KB
ID:	1687748


      • Hello,

        Cross Server is not working for the last 2 days on S71. Cannot Join queue. The button is grayed out. This is really frustrating, my emblems are expired and I cannot do anything. Can we have a fast compensation?

        Thank you.


        • On 155 Still not working are you going to fix it or are we gonna lose a 3rd day with out honor points and nothing to do in the game while we wait for reset ?


          Some one WAKE UP .
          [Guild] [Genius]Maraminx : half of the people went the wrong way
          [Guild] [Genius]Maraminx : we merged with idiots


          • Server: 153 Zephyr's Rage
            IGN: Dweomkeeper

            CS war bugged AGAIN!

            Click image for larger version

Name:	cs bug AGAIN.GIF
Views:	1
Size:	171.6 KB
ID:	1687767

            ...and still no compensation for the last 2 days...


            • Well Cross Server is working "Again" but the Dev's have messed up the team selection process me thinks. went into a CS, we had a lvl 35 on our side, the opposition had a lvl 70 on theirs.... in what reality is this fair, bad enough trying to beat someone 5 lvls higher than yourself without this **.... sort it it out please...

              p.s. where is the Compensation from the two days it was down ????


              • So the CS is working again since the Hot Event is over. Great Job R2.
                My pain may be the reason for somebody's laugh.
                But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody's pain.

                Charlie Chaplin


                • ON 155 is its still not working.

                  3 days in a row for now.
                  [Guild] [Genius]Maraminx : half of the people went the wrong way
                  [Guild] [Genius]Maraminx : we merged with idiots


                  • server 136
                    still not working CS


                    • CS just went down while 1 min in que


                      • S131 Still not working CS ... And you just fixed it .. grrr
                        Someone's imagination is only as big as his knowledge !


                        • s63 Stone Canyon cs is still bugged.Button greyed out


                          • in S75 the CS just went down when we wear in


                            • roflmao today i logged in to find finally we have our compensation from the two days the CS was broken last, well i suppose better late than never eh!

                              BUT!! (yeah its a big but) the CS is once again down...
                              Hopefully this is intentional to re-address the team selection process so that low level players are not placed into same CS arena as players 5+ levels higher than them (or at very least +10 levels) let alone +20 levels higher...


                              • Haha, bug again on the 26
                                Cannot do cs, caannot enter in it, and guys, when you give compensation please include vouchers, it's what people really want from cs Q.Q

                                Thank you !