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Cross-server War Bugs

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  • serve 129 i was playing CS and ore didnt show up then i leave it and now i cant enter


    • Server 88 cs broke

      Click image for larger version

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      • Server 142 mines of moloch.

        Could you please tell me what is going on with Cross Server War as for the last two nights I have sat here waiting to go into CS and got no where.
        On the night of the 10th I finally managed to get one CS and then sat waiting for a hour and 30 minutes to get into another CS. My friend on the same server mean while did all 3 of his CS while I was STILL waiting to get my last two finished.

        And yet again tonight 11/06 so far Ive been sat here waiting nearly a hour and still NOTHING. I am really getting frustsrated at this as Im trying to get some honor and prestige.

        please please please could you fix this, as I really would like to be able to do CS thanks


        • Im having this bug ever since i start play this game. please fix it

          Server NO. : 172

          IGN: Lucifer (I create other ID to see if the bug still persist) ( Scylla)

          Short Description: Cant move from 1 spot even i try to drag the map, refresh the browser so many times.. nothing change

          Screenshot: Click image for larger version

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          • not sure if some1 else posted similar situation but... Click image for larger version

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            Server : S41 Wyrm's Gorge
            IGN : 13th
            Class : Paladin


            • Server : S175
              IGN : Kagome
              Short Description:come on fix it ... what happend to this server CS

              Click image for larger version

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              • not sure if this is bug or not but it took me 45min to get into cross server today on 1st attempt. Many other players on my server have same issue. When i did get in it was only half full and others on my server where still queueing.


                • hey guys...***?????????????????????????????????????? today i got 2 cooldowns just by enterig the RIGHT code in that code verification...both times said it was wrong X(X(X(XX(...*** i learned to read and write in 1st-2nd grade X(XX((X((X((X(X((


                  • CS war bugged again. 4 times in a row i was ejected after match started. it keeps sayin 'battlefield does not exist'
                    League of Angels

                    S94 Lonewind Forest
                    Magus Rynd


                    • Same on s162


                      • halfway thru the battle everyone stop moving, flag doesn't accept my cart..... tried to exit and get battlefield does not exist msg


                        • Anyone else meet with a long long queue time? When im doing my CS it always begins after 1-2 min, but in the last couple of days i sometimes have to w8 for 10-15 min.


                          • got one last attempt won't let me play it saying battlefield dosn't exisit


                            • Click image for larger version

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                              Char: Dragos

                              I'm facing problem with queue in cross server. I have to wait more than 15 min in queue everytime whereas some players who queue much after me can get in. People have cancelled and requeued and got in as many as 6 times but I cant seem to enter. sometime it has crossed full time in queue and does a requeue from start again.

                              Please kindly have a look.

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                              (S121) Republic Of Dis
                              GuiLD : Shadur


                              • Originally posted by ffammouss View Post
                                [ATTACH=CONFIG]84471[/ATTACH] i cant join in Cs server s88 [mystforge]
                                i have same problem like this s38
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