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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • [Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

    We all know that every word has a definitive meaning, but often words bring up fond memories or have a significant meaning that is special to us. For this event we'd like to find out what OCTOBER means to you. Does the word have a sweet, silly, or spooky meaning for you? Let us know as we celebrate our first October in League of Angels!

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    Duration: 13th Oct. - 19th Oct.
    1. Replies should contain why and/or what October means to you. Please include your IGN and server for rewards.
    2. Each account may only reply once. If there are multiple replies from the same account, only the 1st reply will count.
    3. Each character may only be rewarded once.
    All valid participants will be rewarded the following items:
    • 100 Group Buy Tickets
    • 100 Vouchers
    • 20 Seraph's Stones
    • 10 Angel Tears
    Best Regards,

    R2Games LoA Ops Team
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  • #2
    First thing comes in mind is Octoberfest. But so its a month where the autumn shall arrive in nice spooky way.

    S210 Fiery Citadel
    Citizen of s210 Fiery Citadel-ua83-ub43


    • #3
      October Mean Food to me.

      1st thing i thought of October is the food Octopus!! Yum Yum!! And my Favourite is Japanese Delicacy is TakoPachi. Yum Yum Yum!!

      The moment i think of them now, i feel like eating them now. Sooooo.... Sayonara... Off to get my TakoPachi!!!

      IGN: Norman
      Server: S208 Sapphire Coast

      IGN: Norman8181
      Server: S212 Dragonrend Spires


      • #4
        When i think of October I think of Halloween with all the candy I can get and having a spooky but fun month. Also telling scary stories at night with my friends during Halloween to cool down as summer is approaching.

        IGN- KuroHana
        Server- S160 Tyrant's Missive


        • #5
          when it comes to October, its my happiest month in a year. coz on october 9 its my birthday ^^

          IGN : Rena
          Server : s87 Wildhammer Fold


          • #6
            October means love for me. Met my love & getting married. Sweet honeymoon & anniversary.

            IGN: ichigo80
            Server - S16 Genesis of man


            • #7
              For me, October(and Fall in general) is DEPRESSING! I hate the winter and October gets so cold that it makes me depressed that winter is coming.

              S194-Mylne Castle


              • #8
                October is so wonderful to me as it is the season of spooky things and food.october is the month to be ready for the Christmas where you would save some money for gifts and things..october is so much fun for me..

                IGN: LuvItAll
                SERVER: S41-Wyrm's Gorge


                • #9
                  October to me means freedom =)

                  IGN : Snowae
                  SERVER: S107


                  • #10
                    October is BEER MONTH! OCTOBERFEST ON THE GO!!!

                    Server: s206-Elysian Paradise


                    • #11
                      For me , october has 2 main meanings, first one is the beggining of a new year in college, and secondly means the start of autumn with all the festivals that come with it .

                      IGN: xDevil
                      SERVER: S106 ManaCity


                      • #12
                        October for me is all about Halloween! It's so much fun, and I love making up jack-o-lanterns and the costumes. It's one of the Holidays where you do not have to do anything but dress up and get candy. Christmas and Thanksgiving tend to get out of hand, give me Halloween anytime. :-)

                        IGN Black Betty
                        S176 Malefic Court


                        • #13
                          October ~ is the start to all the fun that the end of the year brings,,fun for children to dress in spooky costumes and go trick a treating ,Halloween parties with lots of games and ghost stories.

                          IGN: RAVEN
                          SERVER 109


                          • #14
                            For me, October is Halloween, and the regret that where im from (the Netherlands), Halloween is not or barely celebrated.
                            Other then that, its Octoberfest, with lots and lots of beer consumption with friends.

                            IGN: Byakku
                            Server: S214 Great Crossroads


                            • #15
                              October is colored leaves, cold sun and heavy rains.

                              S189 - Bleak Divide
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