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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • #46
    October reminds me of my Aunt who's like a mother to me as well. It's her birthday month that's why I think of her when this month comes

    IGN: Alleria
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      The month of October is a month where in first semester college ends and a second semester starts, very sweet when you get your semester break and spooky when it comes to meet new faces perhaps in college for second sem...

      IGN : Raine
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      • #48
        When we are talking about October the first thing comes to my mind is Halloween..... I suggest the places in the game should be decorated with spooky things, Scary Side Quests, Halloween Clothing, scary mount and some new free items.

        [S221] Ashen Waste


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          OCTOBER this year will be awesome for it is beer month and for the first time WOOD STOCK will be held in the philippines...OCTOBER also reminds me of some one special i dearly cherish, shes my best friend from elementary to college... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARITZZZ on the 17th may you have more birthday to come and wishing you hapy family as well...

          [S86] Northern Furnace
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            October means winter is coming and.. VALAR MORGHULIS lol. nah, this October is different for me, coz i need to take certain test for my future study, still waiting for the result, hoping the that i can meet all the requirements and this month is gonna be the happiest or even the darkest October

            IGN. Yunan
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              one by one leaves fall
              falling to earth

              Bunaken [152]


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                when you say october here in my country,one thing comes to my mind! its beer time! beer is raining!
                Oktoberfest as an occasion to drink beer, play music and have a good time

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                  october is a biggest annual event here fiesta,,,festival features sports competitions, cultural programs, carnivals, beauty contest and a long Mardi grasstyle costumed and masked street dancers.

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                    This Year's October is a month full with sky phenomenons. Eclipse, meteor rain, Jupiter and Mars clearly sight in a single month.

                    IGN : DarkForest
                    Server : S190-Scattered Mountains


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                      When i think about October the first thing that comes to my mind is Halloween....Click image for larger version

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                      • #56
                        I love October cause of the "Indian Summer" ( i know, political incorrect) and my birthday

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                        • #57
                          a tell-tale time that winter is coming which also means more festive celebration is oncoming !

                          IGN: Lucifarius
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                            October has always meant a lot of things to me... national celebration for my country, personal name-day and above all...early countdown for christmas!

                            IGN: Dweomkeeper
                            S153 Zephyr's Rage


                            • #59
                              October here in the philippines is Octoberfest ... where alot of festival around the philippines . Feeling excited when october comes too much party rock goes.

                              IGN: Aragon
                              S214 Great Crossroads


                              • #60
                                6 years ago on 2 october me soon was born,october will always be the most sunny and happy month of me life bcz she bring me the greatest happiness of me life .

                                Server:S57-Necropolis of Mist