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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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    October means happy anniversary , Mother's birthday , relaxing month from work.

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      October in mist, cold months, "" October jellies, caterpillars trépassées "," October is frozen vermin pass away, "" In October, he must man dressed quickly when mulberry undresses "," If October fills with wind, cold Patiras you long, "" Wind of October, your coat you have to kind, "" in October, it's the wind that leads leaves the field "," in October, if you're careful, buys grains and clothes, "" In October, which does not dress looking.

      marouine s1 Nocturna's Tear


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        For me, October means:
        In most countries and regions of Europe that apply DST on the last Sunday of October is that the transition to winter time, that is to say, the return on time normal time zone. In some countries or regions of the southern hemisphere, even Sunday is that the transition to summer time.

        mariange s1 Nocturna's Tear


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          October to me is the end of summer and the beginning of is the reminder that I live in Ohio and snow is just around the corner. It also means jumping into huge piles of leaves bonfires with friends and hot apple cider and pumpkin flavored everything. Its the time of year to have just a bit more fun outside before the harsh winter comes.

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            when it comes to October, its my happiest month in a year. coz on october 13 its my birthday ^^

            IGN : Anoman
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              October is the second most special month to me since all of the exiting things that happens in october. The most exiting thing this year is both my mom and dad will become 50 years old

              IGN: Superqwert
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                October is the month of terror and my favorite month.

                IGN: DiegoNunes
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                  What October means to me? okay, well October 1 is my birthday so i really love this month!! and its saint therese's month how could i forget that October is the month of the holy rosary where people in our church offers flowers,foods and candles every weekend and btw, this month is also the month of having fun in Octoberfest!!! hehe i've attended once and its so much fun specially if your with friends who were crazier than you are so October is blast for me!! :")

                  IGN: Aphrodite
                  Server: ua20 (S42-Paradise Lost)


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                    October for me it is the beginning of the end of the year. I am not talking about a new year coming but the start of Christmas music/movies/torture. To all who support this stuff so early I know you all will be going to hell for the cruel treatment to the rest of us... (come on how many years must I watch the christmas story at my grandmas house!)

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                    • October for me is the sweet sense of Autumn, when looking the leaf falling down on the ground and second spring when every leaf is a flower. Welcome October please be the great month for all of us!
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                      • October for me is the start of countdown for my birthday ^^,

                        IGN: namichwan
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                        • October, there are 2 things that come to mind! Octoberfest and candy!!

                          IGN: DemonixX
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                          • Fun, just fun. True words couldn't be truer...

                            s(207) VaporousCitadel


                            • October the scariest month because is HALLOWEEN
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                              • October for me means fall and cooler temperatures since the beginning of the month usually starts out with warm temps and shorts/no jackets and for the last few years we have ended the month with snow. Its also one of the most beautiful months cause all the trees start to change colors from green to the reds, oranges, and yellows and is one of my favorite things to sightsee during this time of year.

                                IGN: gemi
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