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[Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

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  • October for me means, seeing all the little kids dressed up with happy faces and running around like nuts getting candy..It also means winter is coming but on the flip side of that...Fireplace time IGN: goobergirl
    Server: s92-Endless Sea


    • Love the start of cold weather!

      IGN: niceyabos
      Server: S213- City of Gallows


      • OCTOBER is the month of enjoyment......a little hot, a little rain & a little cold...when in mixes too much fun... )
        IGN : princecharm
        Server: s25 - Youths Harvest
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        • October is special to me because there's this special someone I liked for so long who confessed to me [last year, month of October]. The part I remember most clearly, was sitting on a rock with him and just watching the sunset. He's my bestfriend and at that time, I had a boyfriend. Me and my ex-boyfriend had a problem that time. So I come to see my bestfriend to seek advice and comforting. After I told my guy bestfriend about the problem, we argue a little. Why do I love that jerk of a boyfriend of mine, or why can't I break up of that kind of guy. I walked out but he chased after me and pulled me back. He hugged me and spill his confession right away.

          I liked my guy bestfriend for so long, so the confession got a bit of an impact until now. I break up with my boyfriend for 5 years, and my guy bestfriend happened to break up with her girlfriend too. If we're really meant for each other, guess we'll trust our fate to decide that.

          IGN: Kraione
          Server: S107 -Trail of Vines
          IGN: Kraione
          SERVER: S107 Trail of Vines


          • October is the month after September or before November... ^^

            IGN : Harutora
            Server 163 Arcane Swamp


            • October means beer is everywhere including my stomach.

              IGN: Akayla
              Server: 221 Ashen Waste


              • October is the spooky month, i love the dark, cool atmosphere around it.
                And of course i love Halloween xD

                IGN: Noblesse
                SERVER: [S222] Cinderwood


                • IGN: Tiki
                  Server: S174 - Copper Coast

                  October to me means, autumn and beautiful tree leaves changing colours, while kids are in costumes trick or treating! Hockey season also starting so that's also a plus,,, Go HABS Go!!!!


                  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.. :-D

                    Server:S208 Sapphire Coast


                    • I used to run a haunted house for special needs children and adults all proceeds went to them for trips or retreats they even got to go on a disney cruise. When i think of October I remember all of the kids and adults we helped and the great things we were able to do for them. I did it for 18 yrs all volunteer from march till October the best thing about it was seeing the smiles on there faces I love October!

                      S183 Pilgrims Tavern


                      • In October the cold starts, is the prelude to a lovely holiday, Halloween, Christmas... family gatherings to share, I love it!

                        Server: s164-Frost Fortress
                        Server S313 Briarwall Forest


                        • October is a great month. A month of my angel in my life, my Girlfriend, and Autumn is a great sesson that we have.

                          IGN: Jhoy
                          SERVER: [S215]The Four Cities


                          • October for me is 37 years since my parrents got married

                            IGN Nightsong
                            [S32] Cloud Canyon


                            • For me, October means happiness..haha
                              IGN: yunapanget
                              Server: S1-Nocturna's tear


                              • October, the winter is coming. I like to see the frost fall down the street. People wear a warm clothes and hug together to make warm, make sweet kiss to make a fire in their heart.
                                I think this season is so great

                                IGN: ICHI
                                Server: S172 Jade Valley